a way of regarding, understanding, or interpreting something; a mental impression.

Is perception everything?

In my life i've been perceived many ways, a lot of them not so nice. Many of them even hurtful.

I've been called a Bi*ch, as most of us have and sure if standing up for myself is being a bi*ch, then so be it. I suppose I am.

I've been called controlling. If I'm in a relationship with you and have reasons not to trust you maybe I am controlling.

I've been called an alcoholic, because I couldn't handle one glass of wine. Alcoholics can handle more than one glass of wine.

I've been called selfish and maybe in my teenage years I was but in my grown up life I'm not so much.

I've also been called a Facebook Drama Queen. If you look at my Facebook page it's all about my family and my life. I try to be nothing but positive and encouraging to everyone else.

I could probably go on and on with this list but I'll get to the point.
All of these things are not necessarily true. They are merely people's opinions of me and in my life I've learned that lions do not lose sleep over the opinions of sheep. Even though these perceptions come from people whom I'm close to and people whom I thought knew me better I've had to learn not to let them affect me negatively. People will judge you, they just will, it's a fact of life but having self confidence and being secure enough in yourself to know what's true will take you so much farther than giving into people's perceptions.

As my son continues his journey into the teenage and adult years I hope this is a lesson he takes with him. I hope he knows his own self worth and has a shining self confidence that won't allow other's opinions of him affect him. I hope he continues to be the continues to be spirited and fun and silly. I pray that the judgement others will inevitably place upon him only boosts him up more and that he shines brighter everyday.

I write this all just to say before you place your own judgements and perception on anyone else make sure you find the good in them. People are meant to be loved and there's far too much hate in this world. Why not be the one who changes that?
Do not allow yourself to be defined by other's perceptions of you and therefor, do not define others based on your own perception of them.

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