April Goals-How I'd Do?

Well, another month is in the books! It was a good month, busy but good. As I went through and re-thought my goals for the month and thought about next month's, I realized I was pretty comedic with my goals like "cut back on my sugary cakey goodness, work on being less Moody Judy, & wake up at least 30 minutes early one day a week." I was setting the bar to impossible with these things. First of all, I love all things sweet and cakey, no way will I ever give it up. Second, i'm a woman, being Moody Judy comes naturally. Third wake up 30 minutes early...blah blah blah, Nope. I love sleep way too much. I think May's Goals will be to continue working on April's leftover goals that ARE possible but without further ado, here's how I did last month.

1. Ask my last bridesmaid to be in my wedding.
This did happen!! There are somethings going on that may not allow her
to be in the wedding but I had a nice heart to heart with her
and let her know that's okay.
I just want her to know she's definitely
still included in any part of this wedding journey that she can be.

2. Start wedding dress shopping.
{This hasn't happened yet but I
have plans to go in the next weekend
or two!!}

3. Get our engagement pictures done.
{Still no.}

4. Get wedding invites ordered or start making them.
{Again, not yet. I have to
jump on it.}

5. Wash my face nightly with my skin care products.
{Fail!! No excuses.}

6. Iron all of Alex's work clothes on Sunday.
YES! It just makes our week go so much more smoothly.

7. Send people more snail mail, just because.
{Big. Fat. Nope.}

8. Less internet time in the evenings.
This one is so so. I still have a lot more room for improvement.
I blame all the Instagram giveaways!

9. Start my Wii-Fit work-out again or running/walking in the evenings.
Kinda. We were hiking in the evenings then
the rain came for about two weeks and we
got off track.

10. Lose 5 more pounds.
{Not five. Just two.}

11. Eat more fruits and veggies.
Yes!! We are getting lots more fresh fruits and veggies
since they're all coming into season now.
I love me some avacados.

12. Spend at least an hour a day reading.
{Umm, no. I failed. I spend the time in my
car, waiting on my son to get out of school
checking Facebook and stuff. Guilty.}

13. Cut back on my sugary, cakey, cookie goodness intake.
{No way! I'm not even sure why this was a "goal"
Eating healthy sucks. Bring on the cupcakes!!}

14. Drink even more water.
All day everyday! Except for
when I have sweet tea or

15. Work on being less moody Judy (this one gets me in trouble sometimes).
{Ummm, well, I'm a woman so you take a stab at it.
Why was this a goal again?}

16. At least one day a week, wake up 30 minutes early.
{This did NOT happen. I was apparently
a comedian last month. I love sleep
wayyyy too much for this.}

17. Find a good multi vitamin to take.
{Yeah, no.}

18. Get my hair trimmed.

19. Start to work on our menu for the wedding.
Hey! I can kinda mark this one off. We've started discussing it!!

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