Seasons of Love

Some of the greatest relationship advice I ever got was from my sister in law. It's something her mom told her, actually. She said before you decide to marry someone you need to go through all the seasons with them to see how they handle things. At first it seemed simple enough. One year together and you'll know if that's the person for you, right? Since I've found my forever love I've realized exactly what she meant by going through all the seasons together. It's more than Spring, Summer, Fall, & Winter. It's the holidays, the sicknesses, the weddings & funerals, vacations, day trips, & the ordinary every day moments. It's the moments that make or break you. All the good and all the bad.

My Fiancee and I have been friends for 15 years, together for 3, engaged for 2 so it's safe to say that we've been with each other through all of life's ups and downs. A baby, a wedding, a couple relationships, friend drama, divorce but it seems like the last two years have been our most trying times. We've had so much cancer and several deaths strike among our small circle of family and friends. We've had a lot more happy times than we've had sad times but it's during those sad times that i've learned that he's my rock and he's my support and i'm his. And it is because of those times that I know there's no one else i'd rather do life with. Together we can make it through anything and we will. We're going through the Seasons of Love and Life together, for now & for always.

I hope everyone else finds that kind of love, too.

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