Hey Y'all! Welcome back. I'm still here. I've been in the midst of wedding planning and Mother's Day and life in general lately. Which brings me to the weekend re-cap. Last week was particularly hard on my fiance and his family because a long time friend of theirs passed away. It was a neighbor of theirs for years, one of my fiance's best friend's Dad. Honestly now I don't remember what last week entailed other than some Mother's Day shopping.

Friday our buddy had plans to spend the night with his Mimi & Pa because Saturday morning my Fiance and I had his friend's dad's funeral to go to. Our buddy & I went to my parent's house after school where my Mom & I worked on some crafts while Alex took Dylan Mother's Day shopping for me. When they got home we hung around for a while longer then we headed home somewhere around 9. We were hungry then and I wanted a burger so we decided to stop by Sonic's and grab dinner. For some reason those tater tots and that burger were the most delicious thing ever. I think, since we've started eating healthier, when I do get something like that it is a real treat. After that we went home, got funeral clothes ready & crashed.

Saturday We got up and got to the funeral early, which was definitely bittersweet but the bright side is that I finally got to meet my fiance's other best friend and his wife. I've been hearing about Matt & Becca for so long so it was nice to finally be able to meet them. They are seriously some of the sweetest people ever. These two guys have literally grown up together. They met when they were one and two and they act so much like brothers despite not really seeing each other much in the last few years. That's proof that best friends are hard to find and even harder to forget. Us girls hit it off like we've been besties our whole lives, too so I think we'll be seeing more of each other in the near future. Us girls have already made it our mission to make sure these guys (and us) get together more often.

The funeral was sad, as they usually are, and Matt gave an amazing eulogy. One part he was speaking about the kind of man his Dad was and how he taught him to look beyond race and it gave me chills because he was specifically talking about his friendship with my fiance. He's Puerto Rican, Matt's white, i'm white but it never dawned on me that we are different races. Obviously I know he's Puerto Rican, I didn't just think he gets really tan in the summer and stays tan all year & speaks fluent Spanish for nothing. It dawned on me then that everything Matt was saying about the way his Dad raised him was true for me, too. I don't see us as anything but a family & I couldn't imagine not being together based solely on the fact that we're not both white, much less not even being friends because of it. Sadly though, that's still very much a reality in the world we live in but I took great pride in what Matt was saying, knowing it was also applying to me and my life and the way I'm raising my son now and our future children.

After the funeral was over we went back to my parent's house to check on our buddy. He was content to stay where he was and swim so we went to Matt's Mom's house to visit with the family. It was such a nice time, under not so nice circumstances. His family is a lot like mine, big and welcoming, so I felt completely comfortable with them & of course, since they are my fiance's second family, he was at home.

Me & my love, Matt & Becca, and Matt's Mom.

We stayed with them for quiet a while then left and came home, changed clothes and headed out the door for grocery shopping & the rest of Mother's Day shopping (which I actually protested a bit. I didn't want to shop! but I knew if we didn't do it then we'd be stuck doing it on Mother's Day & ummm, no!) It was probably my quickest trip ever to the mall. We ran into two stores that we needed and we were done! We went back to my parent's and kicked off our shoes and relaxed by the pool for the rest of the evening. My Dad had us some steaks, mac & cheese & beans ready for dinner. I'm not even sure what happened Saturday night. It may have involved a nap on the couch though. It probably did.

Sunday Mother's Day!! Started glorious. My honey came and woke me up at 9. I probably would've slept until noon if I could've but we had other things to do, like celebrate the women who gave birth to us, too. I guess that the guys couldn't wait to give me my gifts. One was something Dylan picked out for me all on his own. Anyway, after Alex woke me up he brought me coffee in bed. Once I made my way downstairs they gave me my first gift; a set of Georgia Peach lotion, spray, & body wash from B&BW that I had been wanting along with a Georgia Peach candle. Then they told me they had one more present but I had to go outside for it. This is the one Dylan picked out on his own. It was a 15 ft Cherry Blossom tree. I love Cherry Blossoms, they're one of my favorite flowers, definitely one of my favorite trees. I am really proud of my dude for picking this out on his own. It means a lot to me and I've already told Alex that when we move in a couple years, the tree comes with us. Dylan had another brilliant idea, propagate it if it's too big. That kid is a genius, I tell ya.

After all that we got dressed and went to see my soon to be Mother in Law. I'm kinda partial to this woman since she gave birth to and raised the man of my dreams. She doesn't speak much English but has a heart of gold and is such a sunshine to everyone around her. She's like me in that she likes to laugh, a lot. I love that about her. We had a great time with them for a while but left after an hour or so because we had a cook out with my mom and the rest of the family.

We left there and went to see my side of the family. We cooked out with my Mom, Grandma, Brother, Sister-in-Law, Uncle & Cousin. My Dad and Aunt Melody were working so we missed them but we had a great time. All us ladies got showered with lots of love and gifts. I got a sea shell wind chime, an owl wind chime, a vineralla (an umbrella in a bottle), a new Ginger Snap, & an adorable owl bag. The best part of it all was spending time with all my loves. It's great to be with everyone and know how loved you truly are.

I got the bright idea to take some family pics. I tried not to make my honey or our kid pose for too many because engagement pics are this weekend. Here are the results of that!

Because we can't act right. LOL.

I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that your week is going amazing, as well.

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