Hello Y'all! Happy Monday! Grumbles all around, I'm sure, since it is Monday. If you're anything like me you are running on empty. For the last two weeks I've been completely exhausted for some reason. This morning is no different. When my alarm clock went off I wanted nothing to do with getting out of bed but, since it's the last week of school, I had to. I'm so counting down the days until Summer Break starts! Give me sleeping in, wedding planning, laying in the sun, and relaxing please. I need it something fierce.

Anyway, after the weekend always comes Monday but with Monday comes a weekending post. This weekend was kinda boring with the exception of Engagement pics on Saturday. Friday my honey worked late so we had a mellow evening at home then he worked all day yesterday, too so nothing exciting there, either but Saturday was so special. I had my family take our engagement pics and my sweet Great Aunt & Great Uncle opened up their home to us. They have the most incredible home and a lot of different settings for pics. They were more than happy to let us take pictures there, too. Between everyone we took well over 200 pictures. I'm not about to up-load all of those here (or Facebook or Instagram) but I thought i'd share a sneak peak with y'all.

Like I said, there are many many more and I'm sure I'll be using them in up-coming posts so keep an eye out.
I can't give away all the goodness at once.

Happy Monday, y'all. I hope it's a great day for all of you.


  1. Thank you so much! We took a lot more but I think I like releasing them a few at a time instead of all at once :) It's more fun that way!


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