I watched the Bruce Jenner interview with Diane Sawyer and I must say it's not at all what I expected. I expected it to be a lot of denying his changes even though they're evident to our eyes. Instead it's very sad and inspiring. Sad that this man has achieved such greatness while not even being comfortable in his own skin. Kanye put it so beautifully to Kim that "I can be married to the most beautiful woman in the world & I am. I can have the most beautiful daughter in the world & I have that. But i'm nothing if I can't be true to myself. They don't mean anything" in regards to Bruce. I'm not saying I'm a fan of Kanye's but this isn't about that. This is about acceptance. It's sad that he has lived a life that was a lie because he knew he would not be accepted in our society. I know he's not the only one who can possibly feel this way.

I think it's also an inspiring story, too because this is a man who decided to hide his gender identity from his children and the rest of the world because he didn't want to make life hard on his children when they were much younger. He made the choice to hide this away to be the best father he could be and to protect his kids.

I know in Duteronomy in the Old Testament of the Bible says Women should not dress like men and men should not dress like women but let's not forget that the Bible also says Not to Judge or Condemn others.

**I wrote the first part of this post when the Diane Sawyer interview aired and it sat it my blog roll, un-published because I didn't have time to finish it up. It worked out good though because i've spent today catching up on the family special that aired last night on E! Since watching that I've realized just how sad it is to live your whole life as a lie. He did what he thought was best for everyone else around him and in his life, not even thinking about himself. I can't imagine the hurt that must have caused himself.

I think it was amazing that Scott sat down and related so well to him. He even asked Bruce if it was frustrating to be around all those women when he couldn't be a woman? His answer? Yes! Then Scott says "it's pretty wild that you get to live two life's in one lifetime. Not many people get to do it which is pretty extraordinary in some ways." To me it's going to be extraordinary if he (Bruce) uses this opportunity as a way to help people who are struggling with the same things. He's a motivational speaker so he has the platform to share openly but I think he has to work through this all first & to be accepted by his family, friends, and those who mean the most to him.
He said "Right now i'm very optimistic about the future and I haven't felt that way in a long, long time because I think going through this I will come out on the other side a better person, a much more understanding person, and I feel like I can help people and do some good." Wouldn't life be great if we were all the best person we can be? If we were all a little more understanding and compassionate and if we all helped others. We're all capable of doing good.

I love it when Scott says "It's only a positive for my son & my daughter to know all these different things that go on in the world. You can do whatever you want as long as you become happy with yourself, that's all that really matters. You only really get one chance at this life so whatever you've got to do to be happy, you've got to do it." Then Kourtney, when talking about telling her son, Mason "its such a great lesson to teach him not to judge people. It's a great life lesson that I have to make it the most positive that I can." To me, that's the true definition of acceptance. If we all lived with those beliefs and thoughts then the world might be a little less cruel.

You never know what someone is going through, be it, a friend, a neighbor, a relative, or a random stranger at Target or on the Subway. Always try to keep an open mind and sprinkle a little happiness as you go about your day. Hold the door open for the person behind you, smile at a stranger, send loves ones a card or a little gift in the mail-just because and always remember that everyone is going through something. Let's all try to judge each other less and accept each other whole heartedly because we all want to be accepted.

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