Foodie Friday.

Hi Peaches. It's finally Friday! We made it through another week!! Let's celebrate with another Foodie Friday post :) Today we have a special guest, my son, Dylan! He makes the most amazing smoothies ever. He's been making these delicious, fruity treats for a few years now (no joke) and he makes them better than anyone I know. Maybe it's the extra love their made with but at any rate, they're delicious!

I'll let him take over now and tell you how he makes this delicious goodness.

First, you want to get your ingredients. You will need Strawberries, Sugar, Blueberries, and yogurt.
The tools your gonna need are A knife, a spoon, a blender, and a cutting board.

Next, you chop up the strawberries and put them in the blender.

Next, you put the blueberries in, you only need like a handful of them.

Then you add 2-4 spoonfuls of the yogurt.

Add a few pinches of sugar to sweeten it up.

Blend it and then your done!!!

You can also substitute the strawberries and blueberries for any other fruit you'd like or add in kale for some extra nutrition. He added some to mine the other day and it was yummy!
And there y'all have it! That's how my sweet buddy makes his amazing smoothies. He should be the Smoothie King.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. i LOVE a good smoothie. bring on the fruit!

    1. Thanks for the comment!! I love smoothies too and these really are delicious! I hope you enjoy the recipe. :)


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