Happy National Sibling's Day.

Today is National Sibling's Day, at first I wasn't going to participate because it's a bittersweet day for me. It's something I rarely talk about because I don't want to upset anyone but growing up I had two of the most amazing brothers ever. I still have them both in this world but one has since moved along from the rest of us for reasons that I can't explain. Reasons that I'm not even sure of anymore. It hurts but I've learned that it's okay because God has something bigger in store for us than I can even imagine, I'm sure of it, I just don't know what it is so I get by with my faith and prayers that God is working on this. He's working on us and he'll make it all okay. I still love that brother and always will, no matter what happens. That's the bitter part. That's the part that I don't want to hurt anyone.

The sweet part, the part that made me write this post and the one I shared on Facebook and Instagram is the fact that I still have three amazing siblings who are always there for me and who make this life so much brighter and happier. They're worth celebrating! Anytime we're together there are guaranteed laughs and memories made. My favorite part of being together is when one of our Dads grabs their phones to start taking pics. I've yet to see these pics but they're probably all kinds of silly candids because that's how we are when we're together. If I have these three in my life I can do anything. We've all been through some pretty tough times together but we always come out laughing and loving a little harder. So thank you all for making life's tough times a little easier and the sweet times much sweeter.

I ♡ y'all to infinity & beyond!

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