Monday Motivation & Weekending.

Hi Y'all! Happy Monday! I sure hope the week is off to a great start in your little corner of the world. I know mine is.

The sun is shining bright and i've got plans to go to my Mom and Dad's in a little bit and soak up some rays at the pool and work on wedding stuff then tonight i've got shopping with my honey on the agenda. We still need summer clothes for our honeymoon to Hawaii at the end of September into October and here in Georgia they're getting ready to put swim suits and shorts up and bring out the winter gear. Because that makes sense. We'll be wearing shorts into October but nope! School starts back so bundle them kiddos up and send them off in jeans and long sleeves while it's still 90+ degrees outside. Anyway, on to the next...

I've got a lot of happiness and sunshine in my soul today and I plan on spreading a little cheer wherever I go! Just know that if you run into me before I go swimming then i'm going to be a hot mess in my yoga clothes and dirty, messy hair up in a bun on top of my head. Such is life. At least I don't stink!

I don't know about you but Mondays usually bring me down. Not today though because i've figured out how to make the best of Mondays. Last week I shared this post Weekending & Monday Motivation. I made a mood board that was reflective of what made me happy. While that idea was awesome and something I'll do again I have a little something else in mind today. Today's Monday Motivation is coming from everything that's inspired me to start my mornings off on a happy note :) and add a little pep in my step. You can read more about living with Intention and all that jazz in this post
Start With Intention.
Now, it's only been about 4 days of me starting this Starting with Intention but I promise it's made a difference in me. So without further ado i'm going to share with you what exactly it is that I've changed that has given me such Inspiration for my mornings.

1. I start the morning off with prayer. Before I grab my phone to check all the social media I lay there in the quietness and talk to God. I thank him for everything he's blessed me with and pray he leads me in the direction he wants me to go. I pray for the health and safety of all my loved ones and I pray he keeps them all safe as they go through their daily tasks. I also pray that God helps me to see the happy in everything.

2. I go downstairs, turn on my coffee pot, open the back door and feed the squirrels then I make a cup of coffee. I turn on my t.v. to the Golden Girls, power on my computer but instead of sitting down and being engulfed in hours of social media I turn on my iPad and begin one of the yoga routines I found from the amazing Marie_Yogini while I sip my coffee.

3. After my yoga session then I finish my coffee and start my water consumption for the day along with taking my vitamins. I've only started taking them in the last 3 days so that's new but it's such an improvement. I take a multi vitamin then I take a fruits and veggies supplement. My mom started my son on these a few months ago because the kid won't eat veggies at all. At least with these he gets his recommended amount of daily fruits and veggies and since there are plenty to share I figured I'd take them too because I still don't get enough fruits and veggies in my diet either, even though I love all of them!

4. Then I eat breakfast. Often times this is a struggle for me because none of us are really big breakfast eaters at my house (unless it's breakfast for dinner but that doesn't count). I've learned that even a granola bar and or some fruit and yogurt will do. The calorie count on this morning's breakfast as through the roof but i've decided I need some good probiotics in my diet as well, and what better way than through some yummy yogurt?

Generally after all that I make beds, start laundry, & tidy up the house a bit then it's shower time.

We've become huge believers in the line of Stress Relief products from Bath & Body Works. I'm talking body wash, massage oils, lotion, hand sanitizer, pillow spray...the whole nine yards but while we were at B&BW this weekend we discovered the shampoo and conditioner so we're giving that a try. I love it. Of course I would, it's $10 a bottle but it's worth it! I love it so. In addition to the Stress RElief products I liek to infuse my shower with some essential oils. Talk about heavenly!!

It's amazing how those simple changes in my morning routine have set the tone for the day. I wake up feeling more energized and relaxed. Ready to take on the world. If you're like me and you aren't a morning person at all, I promise these things are life changers.

Now on to the weekend wrap....I'm sure everyone is on the edge of their seats just wondering what I did.

we spent the afternoon at my parent's house. I got this sweet snap pf my buddy and his Bella Girl.

When my honey got off work we went to my hairdresser's shop and got honey's hair cut. I love going to her shop. We laugh, we talk, we have fun. She's like family and her hair shop is one of my favorite places. After that we decided to go to dinner at the mall and the book store.
My love is the best. He bought me the book i've been dying to read and new Stress Relief.

Saturday My mom, Grandma and I had a Girl's Day Out. We went to see Magic Mike and went to Applebees. The movie was awesome (duh!), the food was great (the service sucked), and the company was wonderful but unfortunately I took NO pics.

was a day spent trying to do things and getting nothing done. My love worked until 2 and remained on call for the rest of the day. Our plans turned out to be a bust. We ended up canceling shopping plans and staying home. My honey sent me to the store to buy stuff for dinner so it was bagged salads, a rotisserie chicken and frozen pizzas. Pre-packaged yuck that I really don't enjoy feeding my family but it was alright. It ended up being a fantastic night because my sister in law and nephews showed up and ate dinner with us, the big boys gamed, while the little one hung with his mom and I while my fiance worked...still. In the end we all hung out in the living room watching Disney Channel and laughing together. Yesterday wasn't a bust after all.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and that your Monday is off to an amazing start.

If you're reading this please check out my previous post. It was only supposed to stay up until today but i've got other things to do so until Wednesday, please go vote on this post!!!

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  1. Great post. Really informative, thank you so much x

    1. Thank You so much and you are super welcome.
      I hope you are having a wonderful week!!

  2. Oh, you got Amy Poehler's new book. I've been wanting to read it. Enjoy. Also very impressed that you are able to bypass the hours of social media and do yoga instead.

    1. Thank You for your comment. I did get Amy Poehler's book. I'm saving it for my honeymoon in September though. We've got a 10 hour flight and I'll need something to do :)

      I love doing my yoga. I'm not saying I don't get on social media at all but I've got a morning routine that works for me and makes me feel great all day so it's worth not jumping on social media first ;)

      I hope you're having a wonderful week!

  3. Wow, Hawaii! That sounds amazing! Prayer is the best way to start your morning.

    1. Thank You so much!! I'm so excited for Hawaii. It's always been on my bucket list. My dream is to find one of those Luaus where they have the dancers in grass skirts and the guys who swallow fire and put on a show while you eat. That just sounded so weird so I hope you know what i'm talking about...LOL.

      And I agree, prayer is the best way to start the morning.

      I hope you're having a wonderful week so far.

  4. Yes for morning prayers and daily yoga sessions <3 love this little space of yours! So cute! Im a new fan :D

    1. Thank You so much Mandi. You just made my morning. It's still a learning process but i'm enjoying this so much. The people in the blogging world are so sweet and so interesting. I love being a part of this community. It's so inspiring and so up lifting.

      You can follow me on bloglovin'. :)

      I hope you are having a wonderful week!!! :)


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