I'm in my 30's now, 33 to be exact. Some people freak out about growing older, not me because my philosophy is simply it's better to be alive than the alternative. Don't get me wrong, I don't fear death I just love life more. I never freaked out about my birthday, instead I celebrated another trip around the sun. No, it's not always sunshine, flowers, rainbows, cuddly kittens, glitter, & unicorns but I choose to make the best of every day that I'm blessed enough to be here.

It always bothers me to hear people whine about feeling old. Granted, we all have those moments when we're tired and achy but I plan on living my life the happiest I can until the day they lay me in the ground. I don't want my kids and grandkids to remember me telling them I can't do this or do that because I'm old. I feel like age is just a number, it's up to us to live a life that makes us feel forever young.

I'm trying hard to make changes to make myself healthier and happier for a long, fulfilled life. I'm doing yoga, taking vitamins, eating healthier, getting active, praying more, and taking time for me. It's not just a fad or a diet, i'm making lifestyle changes. I told my mom the other day that i've gained two pounds back (i've lost 15 so far this year) and she said "it's okay, you know your wedding dress still fits." I know she knew that was my #1 concern right now with my wedding only 67 days away but my thought and response was "yeah but it's not just about the wedding dress. It's about making a lifestyle change. About being healthier and living longer for our son and to get my body prepared to have another baby." I feel like my 30's have brought out a more content side of myself. Of course finding forever love and starting our lives together do that, too.

Here's a list of reasons why my 30's absolutely rock.

1. I found my forever love.
2. I'm raising a pre-teen and I relate to him so much because I was there not too long ago myself it seems.
3. I'm confident in my own skin.
4. I put my heart and soul into this blog and have found an amazing community of inspiring, strong women here.
5. I'm finding balance between sleep (which I love) & waking up earlier.
6. I feel more alive and happier than I ever have.
7. I enjoy doing grown up things like cleaning my house.
8. Decorating for Holidays is the best when it's in your own home.
9. Starting traditions with my guys like looking at Christmas lights every year.
10. Figuring out I need to take care of me.
11. I can say No when I don't want to do something and not worry if that person will be mad at me.
12. Working out & enjoying it.
13. Finding new hobbies I enjoy like jewelry making.
14. Essential oils have become everything to me.
15. I find that my real life is better than my day dream life.
16. I have someone who gives the best big bear hugs when I see him after work every day.
17. Pillow talk with my soon to be husband on the nights we can't sleep.
18. The fact that I have a soon to be husband.
19. Finding a skin care routine that works.
20. Replacing my 6-7 glasses of sweet tea a day with water.
21. Cooking up a new recipe.
22. Family nights at our house.
23. And having friends over for cook outs, too.
24. I get to go on adventures with my best friend anytime I want.
25. I get to curl up next to him at night, too.
26. Celebrating all our son's accomplishments as a family.
27. Knowing that I have gained another family who loves me as if I were their own.
28. Laughter. I've always loved laughing but I feel like I truly appreciate a good laugh session now.
29. Dancing barefoot in my kitchen with my love.
30. The friendships that came along when I my fiance and I started dating. The Howe's, The Moritz's, The Lamberts, Nancy...
31. The bonds I have with my own family have gotten stronger.
32. Realizing there's nothing much in this world that can't be fixed by puppy and kitty kisses and snuggles.
33. And realizing that my parents really have been my best friends all along.
34. And no matter what I know my baby brother and sister in law have my back.
35. I feel like i'm thriving, not just surviving.
36. I've learned the value of a true friend.
37. I enjoy learning.
38. I enjoy taking care of others.
39. I'm less afraid to take chances.
40. I believe in being ME :)

There has been so much in my three short years of being in my thirties that has changed me for the better. I feel like it's way better than my 20s and definitely better than my teens. So far my thirties are my favorites! That's just a small list of things that came to mind in a few short minutes. Some may make sense to you, some may not but I hope that the take away message here is simply growing up is a privilege that many don't get. Make the best out of it and live life to the fullest.

What are some of your favorite things about your age?

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  1. I love this- so much!!! You're doing amazing! I love your lists and you know I feel the same way about my 30's and cringe when people complain about their age!

    1. Nelle-Aren't your 30's wonderful?! I feel like i'm so much happier and more myself in my thirties than I was in my teens and twenties. I have no qualms about turning another year older. In fact one of my favorite quotes is by Marilyn Monroe "I want to grow old without facelifts. I want to have courage to by loyal to the face I have made." I cringe when people complain about their age, too. I try so hard to tell everyone to be happy that they're here on Earth, it's simply enough reason to be happy because it sure beats the alternative.

      Thank you for your comment. I hope you're having a wonderful week so far!!

  2. So agree !!! I'm 31 and my 30's are the best I have ever felt !!! I also recently started making a few healthier changes !!! So far I already feel better. My kids keep me going so strong I do have tired days but I love it all !!! So glad you feel free and happy about aging I do to !!!

    1. Laci, I love your outlook on this subject, too. I feel like my son keeps me young and since we'll be having more babies I need to keep this outlook for them. It makes me so much happier, too!!

      I hope you're having a wonderful day!

  3. I couldn't agree more, great post!💖

    1. Thank You so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I hope you're having a wonderful week!


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