Quieting the Noise

I just read one of my favorite blogger's new posts. That was her title. It fits where I'm at right now in my life so I thought I'd use it, too. I'm feeling under-whelmed and un-inspired these last few days. I'm trying to find inspiration and the happiness in every day but my head is spinning and I can't concentrate. I feel stuck as I sit here with my second {glorious} cup of Peach Cobbler coffee today, watching the Fabulist on E! (it's really on to drown out the noise of the dishwasher), surfing the internet for something that piques my interest. Most days I'd find tons of stuff. Not today.

It's okay to feel this way sometimes. I feel like these times are preparing me for something amazing to come. Afterall, not every day is sunny (in our souls and in life around us). Everything good, bad, happy and sad makes us who we are. I think today I need to get un-plugged and reconnect with God and my life.

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