Favorite Things {9}

I've not been great at doing this favorite things post on the day of I guess because I get caught up with my honey and our boy at the end of the day. I enjoy those moments together, just us, no interruptions, no distractions, nothing but US :) US makes me happy, happy, happy. I feel like my life is complete at the moment. Just the thought of this post makes me realize that I have a lot to be grateful for. So maybe I don't post daily but I'm thinking about my blessings daily and it keeps me grounded, helps me stay happy and focused on the positive side of life.

Yesterday's favorite things were:

❥1. Spending time with my parents. It's refreshing to be back home with them sometimes.

❥2. My buddy went back to school after his week off from Spring Break. That's not my favorite but the silver lining in that is that I got my hour, while waiting in school to be dismissed, to read a book and eat spoon fulls of White Chocolate Peanut Butter. That is my time to restore myself, I feel like.

❥3. My wonderful, amazing fiancĂ©. He's the best dad in the world. After he got home from work last night we realized Easter is this Sunday and we didn't have our sweet boy anything yet so he went with me to get everything we needed.

❥4. Snuggling with my honey last night, falling asleep in his arms.

Today's Favorite Things:

❥1. Good morning kisses from the most amazing fiancĂ© in the world.

❥2. Dropping my sweet boy off at school, having confidence that he's going to rock the CRCT these next two weeks.

❥3. Coming home and crawling back into bed and sleeping for two more glorious hours.

❥4. Spending the afternoon curled up in bed, watching a movie.

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