About diamond rings and milkshakes.

❥1.If you could only accessorize with one type of accessory, which would you choose? My engagement ring. {he liked it so he put a ring on it} That totally counts, right?

❥2. How would you describe your perfect date? At the beach, even though we're miles from the nearest beach. So let's pretend we're at the beach. Dinner and margaritas @ Margaritaville, lots of flirting, laughing and great conversation. Kisses and hand hand holding, and whispering I love You to each other followed by some shopping in some beach side boutiques. After that, a long walk on the beach (since the sun is obviously setting), just talking and enjoying each other's company.

❥3. If you could only pick one food to eat the rest of your life, no matter the calories, what would it be? Sushi. Easily sushi. The rolls though, the cooked kind.

❥4. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time? Pinterest, Facebook and sitting outside reading, walking around looking at pretty flowers or just soaking up the sunshine. It's really good for your soul.

❥5. If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Buy a new SUV, build my fiancée and son our dream home in the middle of the woods surrounded by acres and acres of land and save the rest. Okay, so I'd go to the beach, too and plan my magnificent (but small) wedding then save the rest.

❥6. If you had one wish granted, what would it be? I feel like I'm pretty blessed so nothing materialistic. I think I would wish for Heaven to have a phone though and oh, Facebook so I could keep in touch with my loved ones in Heaven.

❥7. What is your favorite go to hair product? Some Got2Be shine serum. I can't think exactly what it's called right now but and I'm not feeling like going up to the bathroom to check.

❥8. What is your favorite designer handbag? My multi colored Dooney & Bourke.

❥9. Where is your favorite place to shop? Target. I'd rather go to Target than the mall most days.

❥10. If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, My Grandpa, My Great Grandma.

❥11. What are the top three most played songs in your iTunes? All Of Me-John Legend My Songs Know-Fall Out Boy That Girl-Jennifer Nettles

❥12. What are your guilty pleasures? Buying the same clothes & shoes in multiple colors. (If I like it I NEED it in every color) organizing Buying nail polish & lip gloss Oh and milkshakes

And cookie butter {that stuff is like crack in a jar}.

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