Thankful Thursday.

Thankful Thursday.

There are a million + reasons why I love that man. The one who completed my life when I had convinced myself I was complete on my own. He is truly my best friend, the love of my life, my other half, my better half, my happy when I'm sad, my safe place, my silly, my calm, my wild, my rock but more importantly than all of that, he's my son's father. He loves my son, our son, as if he was his own. That's exactly what I was searching for in a man, a future husband and I found it in him.

Everyday that we're together is a dream come true and I fully expect to wake up from it any minute but I hope not to. I know what we have is real. It's that thing I never felt with anyone else, the kind of love that everyone says "when you know, you know." The kind that makes me want to be a better person even though he loves everything about me just as I am. He understands that I want to finish school and get my degree in Early Childhood Education but that my passion is him and our son. I want them to be as happy and loved as two people possibly could ever be. I want to be the mom and wife that they both deserve, he understands that and lets me be. He doesn't pressure me to get a real job or do something with my life. He knows what I do matters. A lot more men should be that accepting and appreciative of their wives, girlfriends, significant others. A lot more relationships would work out that way.

Maybe there's something special about being friends for so many years before dating that makes our relationship so much easier or maybe it's the little things we both try not to take for granted. Laughter is key. He makes me laugh everyday by taking my hand and dancing with me in our kitchen in the middle of cooking a meal and by singing the Spice Girls "If You Want To Be My Lover" with me. The other morning we had just woke up and were laying in bed still when he made me laugh by impersonating Willie (Robertson) who was impersonating Nacho Libre. He told me I was the best "In the world". That was one of those you had to be there moments but to me it was a highlight in my day.

There are those moments when he is my rock and does his best to cheer me up when I'm feeling down like the night I was laying in bed crying about stupid stuff and he just laid beside me and sang Bob Marley's "3 Little Birds" to me. Anytime he sees my eyes welling up with tears he grabs me in a big bear hug and lets me cry while I bury my face in his chest and stain his T-shirt with mascara. That's true love at its finest, I feel like.

There are the moments when I'm going on my crazy obsessive cleaning sprees and he'll stay out of my way for a while, until I'm on the verge of a break down. That's when he'll make me sit down, snuggle up, and watch t.v. while he hold me tight and everything else melts away.

I know, without a doubt, that my favorite moments though are the ones when he's doing something with our son. Times like those are what I've always dreamed of and long before he was in my life, romantically, I dreamed of those moments with him in them. They're just as magic, maybe even more so now that he's really in them. He has such patience and love for my son, our son that my heart swells with pride and in those moments I know that this is where my life should be. This is our new beginning as a family of 3.

I love the moments when we talk and dream about our future together. How many more kids will we have? Names? Boys or girls? Our dreams of building a house together and making it our home. The dreams in my mind can probably never compare to the real life but I know I have a beautifully blessed life now and it can only get better as time goes on. He always told me never to settle so I listened and never did. It's a good thing, too because now we're right where we both {secretly} wanted to be all along. God had a plan for all three of us and I had faith that HE would bring me to the right man, little did I know he would bring me to the one man I wanted the whole time.

I've been with my love through all the seasons now and that's entailed some loss and heartaches but also a lot of celebrations and more happiness than sadness. I know that we can weather any situation together and that "For Better or Worse" doesn't just begin when the vows are said. It began when we decided we wanted to be together. I love this man more than he'll ever know and I'm definitely more than thankful for him. Thank you baby for being my the calm in my storm, my safety when I'm weak, my happy when I'm sad, the balance in my life and the half that makes US {all 3 of us} complete.

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