Enjoy The Moment.

I got engaged two days before Christmas. My fiancée and I didn't rush like mad and start the wedding planning. It's not because we aren't happy and crazy in love, we totally are {he gives me butterflies on a daily basis, still}. We decided not to get married until 2015. WHAT?!? Yes almost two years between getting engaged and getting married. Everyone asks why are we waiting so long? The answer is simple. We're happy with where we currently are in our relationship. We're content to slow down and enjoy the moment, soak it all in and not rush through life.

As soon as a girl gets a boyfriend (or vice versa) the questions start rolling in. So, will you get married? When? Have you thought about babies? How many babies? (Or in my case, since I already have an 11 year old) How many more babies? It seems we're living life in the fast lane, all to eager to move ahead instead of being still and enjoying the present. It's a gift you know, the present, that's what it's called that. I know our family and friends are excited for us, that's why they have so many questions about the next steps in our lives together. That means the world to me, really it does but I want everyone to celebrate the ordinary, daily life with us, too because this is my happy right now. This is the season of life I'm in and I'm okay with living an ordinary life. We'll get to the bigger picture. We will. I promise. There will be weddings and birthdays and babies galore in our lifetime together and our families and friends will be invited on every part of that journey but let's stop wishing life away. Find the happy in the most ordinary days of your life and let's celebrate those things until the grand moments come along.

"There is more to life than increasing its speed"-Ghandi

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