Getting back in touch with myself.

Are there ever days when you wake up feeling out of sorts? Today was that day for me. I guess because my honey was going back to work after two days of jury duty. While I'm grateful for his job and the hard worker he is it was nice to be able to sleep next to him until MY alarm went off @ 6:45 and it was nice that he had an hour long lunch break and he got to come home and spend it with me. I truly loved those moments.

I was determined not to let my funky mood keep me down all day so I hopped in the car, turned the tunes on, windows down and set out to Kohl's for some retail therapy. I had a $20 coupon + a return for a shirt. All in all I ended up with $46 dollars to spend {and they were having a good sale.} my buddy needed clothes so I bought him a new outfit.

They also had these adorable signs on sale for $4.99 so I bought my honey one that says "a cluttered desk is a sign of genius" for his desk @ work and I bought myself a tiny, feminine gold heart Lauren Conrad bracelet for $8.00. Score! Something for all 3 of us!! After that and driving around with the windows down and music jammin' I felt considerably better. Then I got my hour alone in the car while waiting on my buddy to get out of school. With that time I was able to finish reading my book "The Fault In Our Stars." It was a good book but more on that later.

Now I'm sitting at home with my buddy, waiting on my honey to get off work and I feel much better. I just needed to get back in touch with myself today, a little sunshine never hurts either.

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