Happy Monday.

I think it's going to be a great Monday. Other than my entire (long) post just deleting itself before I finished, it's been a great morning so far. When I cranked up my car this morning to take my son to school my favorite jam {Justin Timberlake's Not A Bad Thing} came on then when I got home and took our garbage to the curb I found TWO 4 leaf clovers and TWO 5 leaf ones. That's got to be good luck for a while, right?

Now I'm getting a few minutes of me time; sitting here, blogging, drinking Strawberry Moon Peacock Tea {it's as amazing as it sounds}, and washing laundry (to be folded later). My weekend was amazing, the perfect pre-cursor to the week ahead.

Friday night my honey bought the new Plants vs. Zombies game for the X-BOX one, he and our boy couldn't wait to play so on the way home from Best Buy we stopped at Popeye's and bought a bucket of chicken. We came home ate chicken, played PvZ and I crashed on the couch. Saturday my honey had to go get the oil changed in his truck so I took the opportunity to go to the mall to get my engagement ring cleaned (my amethyst ring and necklace got cleaned, too). Now, my honey knows that anytime I go get my jewelry cleaned I come home with a wish list. This time was only different because my wish list wasn't @ the jewelry store, it was @ Macy's. I was dragging my son around the mall getting my shop kicks when I saw it; the most beautiful bag ever. Big, Feminine, Turquoise and since I'm always carrying my honey and our son's belongings in my bag when we're out BIG is important. I have a Dooney that I love but I carried it for a year and a 1/2. What!?! That's forever in girl world! So I have been looking for a new bag lately but I'm kinda picky about what kind I want. It's not often that I find something I feel like I can not live without but this bag was all of those things. When I got home I tried to tell my fiancée about it and even pull it up on the website to show him but no luck, it's not posted on the website. I pre-faced it with "Mother's Day is coming up and I found a new purse I really want, it's $100, that's cheaper than a Dooney! Long story short, our boy spent the night with his Mimi and Pa Saturday night so my honey asked what I wanted to do. Going out to eat was an obvious {O'Charley's it was. That's usually a no brainer, it's where we had our first date}. Margaritas and Chicken Fingers for me and it was delicious. Anyway my request was that after dinner could we go to Macy's so I could show him this bag, his answer? Yes! So we did and he totally surprised me by buying it for me right then. I'm sure I stood there in the aisle holding the bag, looking at him like a deer in headlights but he said "get it, you never ask for anything." And that was that. I'm now the proud owner of this beauty.

And the Dooney? She's safely locked away in an air tight container on top of my closet for now}. That brings me to my next topic for the weekend. My closet. She got a makeover. Shoe rack at the bottom for all my every day shoes, wire shelves for all my tanks, hanging compartments for other clothes that refuse to stay on hangers, and 3 hard plastic containers at the top of my closet. 2 for winter clothes (HELLO SPRING) and one for purses. I'm in love! All in all it was a wonderful weekend. Here's to the rest of the week!

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