Coffee Talk + May Goals

Hello Sweet Friends. Happy Monday and Happy May! Can you believe it's already May? To celebrate a new month with fresh beginnings and a new week I think we should have a coffee date.

If you and I were on a coffee date, we'd be at the local donut shop. I'd be drinking a donut shop coffee. Mondays call for something strong and fancy free. I need all the coffee on Mondays. I'd ask you what's been going on in your life lately and i'd tell you all the things going on in mine.

It's been a while since i've been on top of my blogging game and I desperately want to come back strong but it's just not happening so I think i'm taking the month of May off. I may pop in for a post here and there, i'll definitely be sharing my Welcome Home Wednesdays post every Wednesday but for now I need to take time away from the computer and work on batch writing and coming back strong in June. I will still be on Instagram though so feel free to follow along.

Speaking of my blog; you may notice it got a face lift over the weekend. It was un-planned but when I woke up Saturday morning everything was a hot mess. My layout was pretty much gone; everything was a jumbled mess. My hubby who works in IT said that the server probably switched something or some mess like that. It happened to them at work a couple weeks ago and he works for one of the largest hospitals in the state. Instead of going into panic mode, I tried to work on it myself for a couple hours to no avail so I decided to go to Etsy and purchase a pre-made blogger template, thinking that would set things straight. When it didn't work I decided to contact the shop owner who said she can install templates for no charge as long as the template was from her shop. Done and done. Usually I would struggle with doing it on my own but I decided to see what she could do to help. She sent me a message back almost immediately with all the info she needed. When I sent it back to her she had my site fixed in under an hour. Her Etsy shop says that it could take up to 36 hours for her to install the theme but she was a dream come true. Like the Fairy Godmother of blogger land because she had mine fixed in under 3 hours. Cheers to you Blogger Template.
P.S.-Her templates are usually $30 but now through May 5th they're only $4.99. Go snag yourself a sping update for your blog.

I would also tell you that this whole house building/buying situation is a lot harder than I ever dreamed it would be but I know that it's all going to work out. It'll be so worth it in the end.

I would also tell you that today starts the Imperfect Boss Campaign. Join us using #imperfectboss to silence the negative inner dialogue and celebrate all the reasons why we're awesome.

Now on to May's Goals. I've decided to do something a little different with my monthly goals. I'm only going to set four goals for the month because I believe less is more. If I set less goals, i'll have more time to focus on them and I'm not going to hash out the fact that I did or didn't do the goals for the previous month. It really doesn't matter and you probably don't really care. I'm just trying to be honest here.

May's Goals

1. Get ahead in everything. Life has been sooo draining lately and I always feel behind. This is the time of year when I like to be outside and doing fun things with my family not feeling like I have to miss fun things to take care of my responsibilities or feeling overwhelmed and guilty when I blow them off to have fun. Balance is a magical unicorn i'm trying to find and I think by taking time off from blogging I can focus on getting ahead in everything from writing blog posts to planning and preparing meals.

2. Cut out sugar again. I did pretty good with this at the beginning of last month then I slacked. Now i'm binging on all the sugar again. Clearly it's a battle I haven't won yet and I'm not giving up until I can say that I can eat sugar in moderation and not binge on it. In the mean time, anyone want those macaroons in my freezer?

3. Pack away one room. With the possibility of a move happening soon, I want to get ahead and start packing up the house one room at a time so that we don't have to rush to get it all done at one time. I really want to be organized as we move into the next chapter of our lives.

4. Finish reading one book. I have three books i've started. Three. Not counting the one i'm listening to on audible. I want to finish at least one of them. Books > t.v. and I need to focus on reading more.

So there's all the randomness on my mind. What would you share with me if we were on a coffee date? What are your goals for May?


  1. I'm trying to lose 20 pounds in 6ish I need to give up sugar too - no sugar in my coffee or tea, no fruit, no grains. IT's HARD! I'm hiking about 3 mi a day, 6 days a week and I have already seen a difference in a week.
    We're already packed out and living with temporary furniture until we move around the world to our new duty station! It's kinda stressful, but kinda liberating to have nothing for a few months.

    1. Hi Jennifer! Thank you for stopping by and leaving some love! I'm rotting for you girl! Cutting out sugar is so hard but so worth it. I know you can do it. Congrats to you for hiking 3 miles a day!! That's awesome.

      I can imagine that being all packed up is equal parts stressful and liberating. There are times I wish I could just get rid of almost everything we have and live a less cluttered life!

      Thank you for stopping by. I hope you come back again. Have a wonderful day!


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