Inspired Mornings.

Hello Peachies! Welcome back to my little corner of the internet. I hope you're having an amazing day. I'm staying cozy over here in my sweats since we're on day 3,456 of rain. Maybe that's a little over dramatic but it depends on who you ask. By my own accounts, it's been 9 days now since we've seen the sunshine. All I want to do is sit on my couch in my favorite sweats, wrapped in my favorite blanket, drinking coffee, eating mom's pumpkin roll, binge watching t.v. and begging for the sun to come out.

Yesterday, I wasn't feeling "it" at all. I cleaned house some and then spent the rest of the day doing exactly what I said i've been wanting to do. I got on line but didn't post much of anything because I didn't feel like I had anything really to say but during my time out yesterday, I was thinking about my weekly Monday Coffee Talk blog post. I just couldn't bring myself to write that post and get it out there and here's why. I think that Monday Morning Coffee Talk needs a break. I was thinking about it yesterday and decided that this is something that isn't worthy of a blog post anymore. I should write this down on a note pad and go on about my day because, honestly, who really cares about my weekly goals?


I'm not offended because that's what I was thinking, too. Plus I get really tired of saying "Nope" I didn't do that. Life, it happens and things rarely go as planned but i'm sure no one really cares about my basket of unmated socks, just sitting, wishing, hoping, waiting to be mated. Heavens, I don't even really care about them. That's why they're on my to-do list weekly (though I actually tackled them yesterday!)

If you actually enjoyed that post, then i'm sorry but I'm sure no one is really heartbroken over that one.

So, like i've said, i've been feeling un-motivated and totally un-inspired lately. My whole schedule had gotten off track since the wedding and I'm struggling to get back on track, to be honest. Let's add to that this time change and the weather & I've been done for. Last week I was getting up earlier than ever (6 a.m.) with my hubby before he left for work and I was still accomplishing less in the day even though I was non stop going until I was falling asleep on the couch in the 8 o'clock hour. I have no idea what was going on but yesterday I finally had enough and started myself back on my morning yoga work out. Thank Heavens because that's made a difference but i'm still not 100% there yet. So let's talk about how to make your mornings more inspired.

1. Set an alarm for 15 minutes earlier than you need to get up.
This is when I lie there in bed and pray before I reach for my phone.
This time is crucial for me in the mornings.
I pray for the safety of my loved ones through out the day.
I pray that God shows me His way for the day.

2. If you've got extra time, then pick up your phone and check out social media.
And I always do. We're all guilty of this.

3. Get up & get ready for your day.
I wash my face, and throw on something cute and comfy because i'll be taking my son to school.
It's amazing how just fixing yourself up cute changes your attitude.

4. Make up your bed. I can't start my day with a messy bed.
I think it's just because I want to crawl back into it and go back to sleep.

5. Coffee. It's a morning must & for me, it's best enjoyed in the quiet darkness of the morning.
Before the world is awake and the hustle and bustle of the day begins.

6. A good breakfast.
I'm not always the best about eating a healthy breakfast but I try to eat a little something.

7. I'm usually driving my son to school around this time in my routine but I enjoy it.
On the way there we usually talk and on the way home, I roll down my windows and blast some music.
It really gets me awake and ready for the day.

8. Start your cleaning.
I come home and start the dishwasher or washing machine.
Then i've already got a start on things.

9. Make a "To Do" list for the day.
Then you can stay on track and cross tasks off as you get them done.
And who doesn't love that feeling of accomplishment?

10. Work Out.
This is when I'm doing my morning yoga.
It's amazing the rush I get from it.
And the burst of energy.

11. Shower and get prettied up.
I enjoy this part of my routine best of all.
I love taking the time to do my hair and make up and yes, I do it daily.
I'm a SAHM but I enjoy looking pretty and taking care of myself.

And that's how I like to start my mornings. I feel so much better and more energized when I start my day off this way.

Are you a morning person?
How do you start your day?

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  1. I've always been such a morning person, but these are things I could use for my older duaghter!:)

    1. Lauren, you are who I aspire to be then. I've never been a morning person but I would love to be. I'm trying and getting there though! I hope you find these useful for your daughter though!

  2. On days when I actually take the time to put makeup on and dress in something other than yoga pants (a SAHM's uniform, amiright?!) I am always more productive.

    1. You're so right, yoga pants are a SAHM's uniform but getting dressed up a little bit feels so nice. I love looking cute when my hubby gets home from work, too. I'm sure he likes it even though he always tells me I look beautiful.

  3. I am not a morning person whatsoever so I need all the help I can get.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys

    1. I've never been much of a morning person either and have needed all the help I could get to change that so that's why this post was important to me. I feel so much better now that I actually enjoy my mornings and my hope is that this will help someone else, too!

  4. I am NOT a morning person! Love this list though and need to try them!

    1. I've never been much of a morning person, either but I'm trying to be and making progress. I hope some of these things help you, too!

  5. Great post! Just what I needed. I'm not a morning person and my mornings are currently uninspired.

    1. I'm so glad that you liked this. I sure hope that some of these things help you, too. I wasn't much of a morning person before but lately i've been making these changes and it feels great! I feel so much better when I wake up early and take time to ease into my day.


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