Currently {November}

Hello again Peachies! I hope you're all doing well today. It's still gloomy and rainy here in Ga. Boo! But yay for this day anyway.

Can you believe it's already November? Where the heck did October go? It literally slipped away from me before I got the chance to do my Currently {October} post but fear not! I'm back today with November's. All the happies, right? So let's get into it, shall we?

Currently I Am:

Cooking: I've been in a baking mood lately but it's time to start my Cize work outs again so it's time to cut that out.
For dinner tonight, i'll be making Greek Gyros, though.

Drinking: Water. All the water.

Wanting: to go back to Hawaii, so bad. So So bad.

Looking: at The Big Bang Theory on t.v.

Wasting: time on line until it's time to go get my son from school.

Wishing: we were up-dating our bedroom. I do love the new quilt we bought. Now i've got the decorating bug again.

Enjoying: having a clean house and all our wonderful wedding gifts.

Waiting: for my Christmas magazine to come in the mail!!

Liking: the way I've re-decorated & re-organized the kitchen!

Wondering: how I got to be so blessed.

Loving: my blog & calling my honey HUBBY and waking up at 6 a.m. I'm also loving snapchat: georigapeachy82

Hoping: for the rain to go away. I'm ready to get outside and enjoy the beauty of fall.

Marveling: At my life. My hubby and son are the absolute best things that have ever happened to me.
Also, I can't get enough of our wedding pics. I look at them every. single. day.

Needing: to get my thank you's mailed out.

Smelling: My perfume. {Jessica Simpson-Fancy Love}.

Wearing: Black yoga pants, minty green t, diamond owl necklace, World Market ear rings, wedding band, plumeria ring, & fit bit.

Following: everyone on snap chat.

Noticing: how everyone seems happier and more thankful this time of year. I like it!

Knowing: That my hubby, son, and I are beyond loved and blessed because of the outpouring of love we've received since our wedding.

Thinking: I love how refreshed I've been feeling lately. Waking up at 6 a.m., getting started with my day is amazing.

Feeling: Thankful, content, refreshed, inspired.

Bookmarking: essential tips for shipping holiday packages, 21 things about Miranda Lambert, How to make french macaroons, How to arm knit a scarf.

Giggling: at my son. He's been pretty silly lately.


Reading...all the wonderful blogs i've gotten behind on & the lovely sales ads for Christmas that are starting to come in the mail!
Playing...nothing right now.

Watching...Flea Market Flip. I love this show! get on a blogging schedule.

Eating...just got done with some Chinese Food.

Calling...No one, honestly. I don't like being on the phone that much.

Texting...No one, right now.

Pinning...Lots of posts from my blog lovin' girls.

Tweeting...What i'm thankful for and my blog posts. where anytime soon. We just got home from Florida for our wedding & Hawaii for our honeymoon.

Hating...this rain. All this rain! love for a healthier lifestyle. I really am loving it because i'm feeling better. {This is still a journey i'm on & still true today!}

Listening (to)...The quiet. The t.v. is muted and everything is silent. I love it!

Celebrating...that it's almost holiday time!

Ordering...hmmm, nothing at the moment but it's about time to start thinking about those Christmas gifts.

Thanking...everyone who has been part of our wedding. We've definitely been shown a lot of love!

Considering...folding the last load of laundry. think about a menu for Thanksgiving.

Finishing...putting all our wedding gifts up. At least i'm thinking of finishing it ;)

So that's what i'm up lately, Peachies!
What are you currently doing?

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    1. I had no idea how to use one but decided I needed it in my life. I'm glad I got one because I love it!!!

  2. I'm currently wasting time online too - at work - because there are NO customers lol

    Samantha |

  3. I love "Currently" posts. I have that Jessica Simpson perfume, too. It smells heavenly.

    1. I'm so glad you love these posts, too. They're my faves! And yes! The Jessica Simpson perfume is heavenly. Currently i'm swooning after the Kate Spade "Walk on Air" though. It's on my wishlist!


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