Thursday, March 2, 2017

March Goals

Hi Sweet Friends! Happy March. Bring on spring! I'm looking forward to being outside all the time and all the beautiful blooms that come this time of year. I just love it. Nothing makes me happier and more excited to chase goals and dreams than sunshine and bright colors. So let's talk about goals. How did I do with February's and what are March's?

February Goals


+ Reach 200 followers on Blog Lovin' Not quiet there yet but I'm getting there!

+ Reach 600 followers on Instagram I'm only 16 away!!!

+ Post two styled posts on Peaches & Willow Fail! I didn't get the products for one of the posts and I have to finish editing the other.

+ Follow through with the #SYBLHOLIDAYS Instagram Challenge I did participate, just not everyday.


+ Finish reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please No. Just no. I'm giving up on this goal.

+ Cut sugar down to once a day Fail. I binged so much on sugar this month. All the cookie cake and donuts.

+ Have a date with a girlfriend at least once this month Fail. I did have plans with a girlfriend but life happened and something came up.

+ Bake my hubby a special treat WIN!!! I made a delicious white chocolate cheesecake for him.

+ No un-necessary purchases I did buy a couple new lip sticks but I was definitely more intentional with my purchases.

March Goals


+ Focus on Pinterest this month by gaining followers and continuing to clean up my boards

+ Reach 600 followers on Instagram

+ Participate in #simplystyledmarch and #SYBLHOLIDAYS Instagram challenges

+ Start a girl boss group Pinterest board for sharing blog posts and cheering fellow lady bosses on

Personal Goals

+ Cut out sugar

+ Join one of Ideal Fit's 15 day body challenges

+ Be more intentional with how I spend money

What are some of your goals?

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