March Goals

Hi Sweet Friends! Happy March. Bring on spring! I'm looking forward to being outside all the time and all the beautiful blooms that come this time of year. I just love it. Nothing makes me happier and more excited to chase goals and dreams than sunshine and bright colors. So let's talk about goals. How did I do with February's and what are March's?

February Goals


+ Reach 200 followers on Blog Lovin' Not quiet there yet but I'm getting there!

+ Reach 600 followers on Instagram I'm only 16 away!!!

+ Post two styled posts on Peaches & Willow Fail! I didn't get the products for one of the posts and I have to finish editing the other.

+ Follow through with the #SYBLHOLIDAYS Instagram Challenge I did participate, just not everyday.


+ Finish reading Amy Poehler's Yes Please No. Just no. I'm giving up on this goal.

+ Cut sugar down to once a day Fail. I binged so much on sugar this month. All the cookie cake and donuts.

+ Have a date with a girlfriend at least once this month Fail. I did have plans with a girlfriend but life happened and something came up.

+ Bake my hubby a special treat WIN!!! I made a delicious white chocolate cheesecake for him.

+ No un-necessary purchases I did buy a couple new lip sticks but I was definitely more intentional with my purchases.

March Goals


+ Focus on Pinterest this month by gaining followers and continuing to clean up my boards

+ Reach 600 followers on Instagram

+ Participate in #simplystyledmarch and #SYBLHOLIDAYS Instagram challenges

+ Start a girl boss group Pinterest board for sharing blog posts and cheering fellow lady bosses on

Personal Goals

+ Cut out sugar

+ Join one of Ideal Fit's 15 day body challenges

+ Be more intentional with how I spend money

What are some of your goals?

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