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Hi Sweet Friends! If you've been around here for any amount of time you know I have a passion for supporting small businesses. That's why i'm so excited to announce my collaboration with
The Confetti Bar. Last month I celebrated my thirty something birthday. Seriously y'all, I forgot my age the other day and my husband had to correct me. I don't feel the age I am though, so there's that. And i'm not embarrassed to say it, i'm thirty five. My thirties have been my favorite age decade so far but that's another blog post for another time.

*This is not an affiliate link. I received free products in exchange for this post. All thoughts are my own.*

This post is all about sparkly, glittery, confetti filled happiness. When I came across The Confetti Bar's Instagram account I knew immediately I had to collaborate because, Hello! Confetti!!! Confetti is all things happy. Don't believe me? Try saying confetti when you are angry or just throw some in the air and smile. I believe in being happy everyday and not just celebrating on our birthdays but celebrating everyday so I thought i'd share some of my favorite ways to celebrate. If you stay tuned, there's even a fun DIY.

Here's How to Celebrate the Everyday:

1. Grab yourself a subscription to The Confetti of the Month Club and get inspired making your own DIY confetti project.

2. Grab a sweet treat with a friend at a local bakery or donut shop.
(Think of all the fun Insta worthy posts you can snap, too!)

3. Have a confetti inspired photo shoot with your favorite furry friend.

4. Watch a silly movie with your family or friends, like Trolls!

5. Turn up the music and dance like no body is watching. Even if it is in your living room with all the blinds open so the neighbors can see.

6. Bake your favorite sweet treat and add sprinkles because they are the confetti of the baking world!

7. Google National Holidays for the month and celebrate each silly one, like National I Want You To Be Happy Day. Yes, it's a real thing y'all! Today is National "Joe" Day. Hi to all the Joes out there! Happy National Day to you!

8. Find a bright mural or DIY one, put on your brightest outfit and snap some pics in front of it!

9. Go put bright pink flamingos in your friends yard. Only if you know they won't get mad and who can get mad at pink flamingos?

10. Make your own confetti filled ornaments and give them to all your girlfriends as birthday gifts.

DIY Confetti Filled Ornaments

clear glass or plastic ornaments
hot glue gun
cricut cutting machine & vinyl
OR stickers

How To:
Take the tops off your ornaments and fill with glitter and confetti
Make a bow out of ribbon and hot glue it on the ornament (this also glues the top of the ornament on)
Cut a cute saying or picture out of vinyl with your cricut OR decorate with stickers
(for mine I used my Cricut and cut the word Celebrate out)
Admire how pretty they are and give them to your girlfriends as gifts because shared happiness is double happiness!

They really are that simple and so pretty, too. I'd love to see how you get creative with confetti so be sure to share your fun projects with me on Instagram.

You should also join the cool confetti club on The Confetti Bar Blog for lots of fun, exclusive content and confetti bomb everything!

How do you plan on celebrating today?

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