Currently Crushing On Blush

Hi sweet friends. Spring is in the air or at least we're all dreaming of it, right? I love all the pretty pastels and neutrals this time of year and all the pretty flowers that are popping up everywhere. I'm not a fan of the pollen but we have to take the bad with the good, right?

Here in Georgia we're stuck somewhere between winter and spring but i'm ready for the cold weather to pack up and take a hike. My azaleas were blooming in my back yard two weeks ago then a cold snap happened and they're dead. Good news is that not all of them bloomed so there's still hope. Anyway, all this has me so excited and ready for spring so I thought I would share with you what color i'm currently crushing on for spring. All the blush things, please!

I've even created my own outfit for spring with all the blush. I hope you find inspiration in this post. I'd love to see an outfit you create using blush. Just tag me on Instagram so I can see your pretty inspired #ootd and follow along with the #simplystyledmarch Instagram challenge.

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