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Good Morning Loves. Happy Monday. I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Ours was perfectly lazy. We had no where to go and we hadn't seen my dad in a month so we spent Saturday just snuggled on my parent's couch watching Netflix (have you seen the Santa Clarita Diet yet? Hilarious!!) and playing with the dogs and cats.

Sunday was spent at home being equal parts lazy and getting things ready for this week. Oh, and I flooded my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest with pictures. Sounds fun, right? I love weekends like that but with those weekends comes Monday. Mondays would be so much better if we met up with our girlfriends for a cup of coffee in the mornings so go grab a cute mug filled with your favorite drink of choice and join me for a coffee date.

If you and I were on a coffee date we'd be sitting on my front porch, snuggled in warm blankets because I love having my coffee on the porch in the peacefulness of the morning. There's something almost therapeutic about starting mornings in the silence, watching as the world comes alive.
I'd be drinking a Cinnamon Sugar Cookie coffee and I would offer you your choice of coffees because we believe in variety in this house.

I would tell you that you look great today and compliment your hair, your make up, your outfit or something about you because I love to point out the good in people and make them feel special and loved. You are special and loved, just so you know.

I would tell you that our son is starting high school next year and that fills me with happiness and anxiety all at the same time. He's already got plans for after high school too and that's more than this mama's heart can take right now. He's super smart and kind and funny but honest, sometimes too honest but I have no doubt life is going to take him amazing places. I'm happy to see the man he's becoming.

I would tell you we're getting super close to getting ready to break ground and start building our house. I'm equal parts excited and nervous about this, too. It's a huge deal because this will be our forever home.

I would tell you that I cut sugar out this month and while I can't tell you if it's helped me energy wise yet because I immediately had a visit from that pesky aunt us women have then got sick with allergies, I can tell you that i've lost 9 lbs and fruit tastes like candy to me now. I can not get enough fruit. So it definitely has its benefits.

Since I was sick all week last week, I didn't go anywhere or spend any money (other than about $40 at the grocery store) and it was kind of glorious. I also didn't worry about the house being clean or if I had a blog post done daily and I kinda loved that, too. I'm notorious for going ninety to nothing, making sure everything is clean and put away and everything always has to be perfect but being sick taught me that it's okay if everything isn't done and everything isn't perfect.

I would tell you that I'm currently loving Elle King. I had heard a couple of her songs before and they're great but after I listened to her on The Lady Gang podcast I fell in love with her. As soon as the podcast was over I went to Spotify and began listening to her songs on repeat. I can not get enough and while I can't take the credit for this playlist, it's been my jam. My favorite songs are It's Good To Be A Man and Under The Influence.

I would also tell you that i'm getting bored with Facebook and have been bored with Twitter for a while. I only keep them because in the world of blogging and networking with companies as sponsors and affiliates they're great ways to stay in touch and share products and that's something I love doing.

And since we Sprang Forward (Sprung Forward?) with time over the weekend, i'd tell you that I actually love it. I love the extra hour of daylight that turns into hours as we get farther into the spring and summer. This time of year has my heart for so many reasons but this cold snap we're having can go. I'm not a fan of the 20s and 30s.

Thank you for enjoying some coffee chat with me. Since we can't have a day between Saturday and Sunday it sure is nice to start Monday off with some great company and coffee. What would you share with me if we were on a coffee date?

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