Thrifting Tips & Outfit Inspiration with ThredUp

Last week I shared my best thrifting tips in this post; Thrifty Girl with ThredUp. This week I wanted to dive a little deeper into the specifics of Thred Up and show you one of the fashionable and affordable outfits I recently found using ThredUp.

When it comes to thrifting there's no easier or better way than to do it from the comfort of your own couch, right? You have the comfort of being in your sweats with a glass of wine in hand while you're binging on your favorite Netflix show. What could be better? Sometimes it can get overwhelming though; scrolling through pages and pages of items and not being sure if you like what you can see enough to order it. I've been guilty of impulse buying items because they look so pretty and I might actually like/use/wear them sometime. Then when the product arrives it's absolutely not what I thought it was and i'm left with the ultimate disappointment. That's why I love ThredUp; with their easy to search website it makes on line thrifting a breeze. They even have a favorites feature that I adore.

When it comes to searching the site, it really cant get any easier. Here are a few of my tips for thrifting with ThredUp.

+ Click on a tab under women's and it'll show you all the sub-categories in women's clothing

+ Click on any of those sub-categories; from there you can narrow your search by size, color, price, even length (which is great for a 5 foot nothing girl, like me, who loves a bargain)

+ You can also search specifically by brand in the search bar on the right side of the page just under your account info, favorites and refer a
friend (more on that in a minute)

+ Found something you like but aren't ready to place an order just yet? It's okay, just locate the little heart and click it-
that saves it to your favorites

+ Speaking of favorites, locate them at the top right of your screen by the little person icon (that's your account info)

+ Favorites are easily the best part of ThredUp for me because there you will find an All Items tab, an Items Still Available tab and the Items

+ You can click the Items Unavailable tab and see why the item isn't available; if it's in someone else's cart or it's been sold. If it's in
someone else's cart don't call it a loss yet. You still have the chance to snag it because it can only sit in someone else's cart for so long
(2-3 days max) then it goes back into your Available favorites

+ In the black bar across the top, you'll find any offers you have currently. (Right now I have a 15% off code)

+ Now, let's talk about that refer a friend tab. This is another one of my favorite features because if you refer a friend and they place and
order through your link then you BOTH for $10 in spending money! Referring is easy; all you have to do is copy your code and share it on all
your social media channels or invite friends through your e-mail.

I think that covers all the info on ThredUp.
Now let's get on to outfits because we all love a cute outfit. Am I right?

This blouse stole my heart when I saw it. It's not my usual style but it's so flowy, feminine, flirty and fun that I knew I had to have it. It was one of those items that I stalked because it was in someone else's cart. The minute it became available I grabbed it and didn't regret it one bit.

This blouse is definitely flowy, which I love because tight fitting clothes just aren't my thing. I also love tops that you can layer and dress up or down and this is the perfect transitional piece because you can wear it with jeans and cute sandals, as well as shorts.

I truly believe that our clothes are expressions of us and that what we wear can change our entire mood that's why I believe that, no matter how old we are, sometimes a girl just needs some sparkle in her outfit.

So get cozy in your favorite sweats, grab a glass of wine and use my code LESLIE for 50% off your first order up to $50. If you've ordered from THredUp before, you may use code WEHEARTYOU20 for 20% off your entire order.

You can also shop through my link to get $10 in spending money for you and for me, after you place your first order. So basically, we're giving away clothes!! Happy Shopping friends.

Copy and paste my link in your browser and don't forget code LESLIE for 50% off or WEHEARTYOU20 for 20% off.

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