The Happy Planner Vol. 1

Hi Friends. Happy Monday. It's a cool, rainy day here for us and school's out for Columbus Day so i'm enjoying every minute of this lovely morning. I've got my door open, diffuser going with some easy breathy oil and Golden Girls on tv. If every Monday morning started like this then I would be a happy girl all the time but since most Monday mornings are filled with chaos and coffee while we stumble around in a zombie like state I've been on a mission to make the best of my Sundays and make Mondays a little easier on myself.

A few months ago I wrote this post on How To Have An Inspired and Productive Week. My first tip is Grab A Cup Of Coffee And Your Planner because there's nothing more important to me than planning my week out and I love to do that with pretty stickers and sparkly washi tape because it makes my to dos more enjoyable to look at and makes me feel more inspired to actually do them. Today i'm going to show you how I plan my week out in my Happy Planner.

I start by picking out my colors or theme for the week. This week I had a beautiful kit from Pansy's Prints on Etsy that I was itching to use. The washi tape is from the dollar spot at Target and the stretchy band to mark my place are headbands that I found at a local bargain store over the weekend.

I put my header stickers and washi tape on the tops of all the boxes on. I also use washi tape to block out the notes on in the left column because I use that for something else.

The next thing I do is start placing the full box stickers. I have no rhyme or reason to my method and as you can see, I don't feel like every single box needs to be filled with a sticker. I don't want to over do it so much that I can't concentrate when i'm looking to see what needs to be done that day.

The next thing I do is place my biggest sticker and my weekend stickers then I fill in the other spaces with smaller stickers.

Lastly, I fill in all of my "to dos" for the week and I write my weekly goals down in the column on the left.

This is my secret to the perfect week. Every day may not go as planned but at least I have an idea of what i need to do and when. I used to stumble through my days just doing what I saw needed to be done and at the end of the day when every little thing wasn't done I became a stress filled crazy woman racing around, trying to do it all before I went to bed each night. That's no way to live so I started using my happy planner like this and it has drastically changed everything I do. I'm happier and able to enjoy each day a little more and that's the best feeling ever.

Do you plan? If so share some of your favorite tips and Etsy shops for finding cute planner stickers and accessories.

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  1. I absolutely love my Happy Planner. I recently bought an Illustrated Faith sticker kit that I am in love with!


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