How To Have An Inspired and Productive Week

I don't know about y'all but I have a love/hate relationship with Sundays. There's nothing more than I love than a Sunday spent at home because it gives me the chance to get things ready and in order for the week ahead but when I don't spend time doing that I always feel panicked and completely grumpy at the end of the day.

I used to spend Sundays just doing whatever I felt like doing. Sometimes it was family dinners, sometimes it was napping between cleaning and doing chores and other times it was spending all day in pajamas, snuggled on the couch. Those are all lovely ways to spend any day but I've learned that it's also important to spend time preparing for the week ahead. That's why I want to share with you the things I do on Sunday for a productive week because I believe Sundays should be for family time and being cozy but I also believe Sundays should be setting yourself up for your best week possible. So here are my tips how to have an inspired and productive week.

1. Grab A Cup Of Coffee And Your Planner

Nothing is more important than planning your week out. I like to decorate my planner with bright stickers and washi tape because it makes it so much more enjoyable to look at my "to dos" when they're written out pretty but that part is totally a personal thing. You don't have to do it but do take time to write the important dates and to dos down.

2. Meal Plan & Grocery Shop

Typically, I like to do this on Saturday so that Sunday can be totally dedicated to planning and preparing. I know going to the grocery store and putting all those groceries away is a half day event for us but if grocery shopping on Saturday isn't do able for you, then Sunday is a perfectly acceptable day to get it done.

3. Clean Out the Refrigerator

Our trash runs Monday mornings so I always clean ours out on Sundays. Even if your trash doesn't come on Monday make it a habit to clean your refrigerator out on Sundays because you make room for all the food you buy and you can eliminate boxes upon boxes of leftovers from the previous week and make room for this week's.

4. Write Down Goals for the Week

This is a lifesaver, y'all. I used to make a daily "to do" list every morning when I was having my coffee. Sometimes I still do that but I also set 5 weekly goals now that I really want to tackle.
Last week's goals were:
+ Live with Grace
+ Do yoga 4xs that week
+ Wake up at 7 a.m. M-F
+ Block Schedule
+ Return Blog and Instagram comments by the next day

So you can see how those differ from daily "to dos." My goals are usually more specific, where as daily "to dos" are things that need to be done almost every day. Things like fold laundry, sweep, run errands, etc.

5. Prepare Clothes

Since I stay at home this doesn't apply to me as much as it does my husband. He wears business casual attire to work so it helps both of us if I get it washed, dried, folded and hung in our closet for him. He usually matches outfits and hangs them appropriately so that he's not fumbling around in the closet half asleep trying to put together outfits.

6. Wash Bed Linens

I'm not sure there's anything better in the world than snuggling into a fresh bed at night with my hubby but because we have a cat and a dog that sleep with us our sheets get washed on the regular. Sundays are my favorite days to wash our sheets weekly. Our comforter gets washed once a month unless needed more often. Fresh sheets help me fall asleep and that's so needed on Sundays.

7. Clean Out Your Car

If you are anything like me then it looks like you've been living out of your car. Moving will do that to you but you don't want that mess to pile up so take time to clean out anything that's in there that doesn't belong and make room for new stuff.

8. Clean Out Your Purse/Bag

Same concept as cleaning out your car except your purse/bag is probably full of receipts, gum wrappers and shopping lists. Get rid of any trash and organize receipts and coupons you want to keep.

9. Un-Wind

Having a ritual to un-wind really helps set the mood for the week ahead. My husband and I are Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead fans so during show seasons it's our ritual to relax. Every Sunday night at 9, we're glued to the t.v. with our phones off. During the off season we still snuggle up on the couch and watch something on t.v.

10. Self Care

This is a huge one for me because I'm a believer in taking care of myself first so I enjoy a good facial with the works. I start by taking my make up off, then washing my face, doing a peel, and using a moisturizer.

I'd love to hear your favorite tips on having an inspired and productive week.


  1. Great post! I'm the same way - I actually have a post on my blog about what I like to do on Sundays with pretty much the same things, haha. :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is great! I think planning a set day to do all these things and get prepared is such a great idea. I do all these things at random and sometimes I get to a point of "how long ago was it that I washed all our sheets?" If I had a set day it would be easier to remember. Thanks!

  3. I like the idea of doing things on the weekend to get ready for your week. I also go grocery shopping on Saturdays. Then, I spend the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon cleaning. After church on Sundays is laundry so we have clean clothes for the week; my husband also prepares his work clothes for the week.

  4. I feel fortunate in that I have Mondays off so I do all the prep for the week things on Monday and totally use Sunday as a fun day, spend time with family and friends or have some much needed down time!

  5. I needed this! My downfall is meal planning. If I stay on top of that, the rest of the day seems to run smoothly. I'm off to do some menu planning. Thanks for the great post!

  6. I definitely agree that unwinding is very important in order to have an inspired and/or productive week. If you are always stressed, you will always be wound up tight and things will fall apart.

  7. Love your tips. I think the most important thing is to clean out your stuff and set goals!

    Have an awesome day!

    xx Kris

  8. Meal planning is something I need to get better at - I'm always having a blank when I try!

  9. This is a great list! I try to remember to do most of these things.

  10. These are awesome tips, friend! My week seems to go so much smoother when I plan on Sunday for all the things.


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