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Hi Loves! Happy Monday. Time for fresh starts and new goals. I'm on a mission to change Monday's reputation because there is something inspiring and refreshing about a blank slate. It's like New Years Eve, 52 times a year. I want Monday mornings to be top knots and coffee. I want it to feel like starting the day off snuggled in my living room with all of my girlfriends while we share what's on our hearts and about our goals for the week.So get cozy with your favorite mug of coffee and blanket and let's have a coffee date.

If you and I were on a coffee date...

We would be snuggled in my new living room with blankets in our laps, coffee in our mugs, a box of Sprinkles donuts on the table and my Willow pup between us. My cat, Chance, would be walking around meowing for attention (or food) because he's bossy like that. He's the cat. He rules the house. I would be drinking a donut shop coffee with Coldstone sweet cream creamer, because that's my go to at home. I'd show you the basket of K-Cups and the selection of creamers and offer you whatever you'd like because we believe in variety in this house.

I would tell you that our weekend was nearly perfect. My husband and I went to a very small craft fair at our local Tractor Supply Co. on Saturday morning because that's what small town living is all about. Impromptu craft fairs on Saturday mornings. My hubby bought me two Lula Roe shirts (my first Lula purchases) then we went to eat lunch at a local bbq house and went to our old house to pack some more stuff up. After we dropped all that at the new house my hubby took me to go buy a new desk and shelves for my blogging office/craft room. I'm in love with it.

Sunday morning I slept in then my hubby made me coffee when I got up. We enjoyed our coffee together then I got busy decorating my new office/craft room. Mid-morning we decided to make brunch together so we whipped up a sausage/egg scrambler and some tater tots. All that was missing were the mimosas. After that we got ready for the day then I got busy in my office again. I started a webinar/challenge with some sweet blogging ladies (more on that later). Mid-day we went to see my mama and play with some sweet baby kittens then we came home, cooked dinner together and I spent more time in my office; writing blog posts and decorating my planner/planning out my week. Somehow I always feel a little calmer and ready to take on the week after i've done this.

I would tell you that I'm beginning to realize my worst qualities are impatience and being so grumpy when things aren't going according to plan. I usually fall victim to this on Sundays because I'm trying too hard to plan out the week ahead of us. There is some bad to planning everything out because more times than not, things don't go accordingly then I get mad and even though I try not to take it out on those I love most (my husband) somehow I always do. He's always a champ and usually just goes with the flow. Maybe because he knows i'll break down and become a sobbing mess if he says anything to me. Ugh. Not my favorite trait about myself. Do you have any tips on how to handle this better?

I mentioned before that i'm taking a webinar/challenge with some lovely blogging ladies. I'm all about webinars and challenges that help better myself and my blog so when my friend Raewyn from Shield Sisters Initiative asked if I was interested in joining her and another friend of hers in From Distracted to Inspired & Productive Challenge I jumped on board. It started yesterday and runs for 90 days. I am already loving it and feeling like it's going to be a game changer. I'm excited to see what I learn from it and talk to y'all about it along the way.

I'm also doing two other webinars and have a few blogging collaborations and guest posts coming soon. I'm slowly growing my blog to where I want it to be and am learning it's all about quality over quantity and allowing other to do guest posts for me. I think blogging is all about community and finding your tribe. I've definitely got a few amazing ladies in my tribe but i'm working on growing it even more. I believe the more ladies I have, the more ideas we can bounce off of each other and help each other grow.

I'm also still learning to live with grace and still learning to simplify, too. I want more things that bring me happiness and joy and less "clutter". I also want to learn to still be happy when things don't work out the way I plan. After all, I'm supposed to be living my best life for God, not for myself. I'm so excited for Stephanie May Wilson's Lipstick Gospel Devotional and Prayer Journal to be delivered to me. I'm so ready to open my heart and soul completely to God and amazing times with girlfriends through out this challenge.

What would you tell me if we were on a coffee date?

Monday Mantra


How'd I do with last week's goals?

+ Wake up at 7 every morning Fail. I only did this one day out of the week. For some reason I had a hard time hearing my alarm clock.

+ Do yoga and meditation every day Win. Kind of. I did do it 4 days out of the week so I think that's a good start.

+ Work on creating a morning routine Fail. Honestly, this one blows my mind still. I have no idea where to even start. Maybe by waking up at 7 a.m. every morning.

+ Watch the replay of the Hashtag Webinar I missed last week Win. And I got some really god notes, too!

+ Clean up the FB groups i'm a part of I started but y'all, I have such a big heart and want to support everyone so we all succeed.

+ Work on engagement in blogging groups and returning social media and blog comments the next day I did. I was able to participate at least 3 days so that's pretty good.

+ Cut back sugar Fail. Dang sweet tea.

+ Put together my craft room/blogging office Win. Thanks to my hubby buying me my new desk and shelves. It's really starting to come together!

+ Start the recipe swap group back up Fail. I wanted to, I just didn't make the time.

This week's goals

+ Learn to live with grace when things don't go according to MY plan

+ Do yoga 4 days this week

+ Wake up at 7 Monday-Friday

+ Block schedule. Set my phone for 20-30 per task for the day

+ Start the recipe group back up

+ Set time aside in the evenings to spend with my husband, no distractions

+ Fulfill my tee shirt and vinyl order

+ Return blog and Instagram comments by the next day

What are some goals you'd like to achieve this week?

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  1. Still wishing I could have a coffee date with you sweet friend! And see your new home. I loved the snaps (or was it instastories?) you did of your new home. It’s gorgeous! You guys will make so many lovely memories there. Yay for a perfect weekend. Don’t you just love those? I can’t wait to see your office/craft room space! Grace and simplify – AMEN sister, AMEN!!!


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