July Goals

Oh Hello, July. Where did you come from? I feel like I blinked and June was over. I'm a little sad to see it go but excited about all the opportunities that a new month brings. I just adore fresh starts. I didn't even set goals for last month but they're needed more than ever this month because i'm ready to get back on track with blogging, social media and my health. So let's talk about July's goals.

July Goals:


+ Make blogging more manageable by posting only three times a week

+ Reach 800 followers on Instagram

+ Plan content in advance

+ Engage with fellow bloggers more

+ Return comments on Instagram and the blog the next day

+ Finalize collaborations with some of my sweet blogging friends


+ Cut back on sugar

+ Start meditation and yoga

+ Set up my blogging office/craft room

+ Complete all my vinyl orders

+ Spend Sundays planning my week and prepping meals

+ Start an inspiration journal

+ Connect and engage with friends daily (introvert problems)

What are your goals for July? Tell me in the comments below.

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  1. These are all amazing goals!!! I am trying to get better with planning out my blogging content ahead of time. I was doing really well and then life happened. As far as Instagram is concerned I am trying to get 900 followers this month. I am so close! So I know we can both do this girl! Yoga just does a body good. I need to get back into doing it again. So you have inspired me to do that!

    I have been trying to eat a lot healthier this month as well. I've done fairly decent at it. But really need to buckle down some more. Here's to accomplishing our goals sweet friend!


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