Lipsense Review

*This post contains products that were gifted to me. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Hi Lovies! I am so excited to share today's post with you because i've been on the hunt for that perfect lipstick that stays put through all life's brunches, cups of coffee and kisses and I finally found it! LipSense is long lasting, water proof and does not budge or smear. They offer a huge variety of colors and glosses that are buttery smooth, y'all and Ooops Remover for when you want to take it off.

Of course I had heard of LipSense but I had never had the chance to try it until I met a sweet new friend, Lindsey. She hooked me up with one of her favorite colors and the rest is history. I'm ready to trade in my entire collection of lipsticks for all the LipSense ones and I swoon with every post she makes. I've got all the heart eyes for these products now. Below is a picture of my coffee cup i've been drinking out of all day. I promise I didn't wipe it off before I took the picture. You can see that there is no lipstick left behind.

I was skeptical to spend the money on LipSense products because I have super sensitive skin, even lips. I'm not kidding when I say that. About two years ago, a month before my wedding, I started having issues with my lips swelling up and looking like a Kardashian the day after a bad lip injection. Not a flattering look at all. It's been a while since I had one of those reactions but you can see why I might be a little hesitant to buy a lip kit that I may not ever be able to use but when Lindsey found me through my blog and reached out I decided to give it a try.

Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color in Praline Rose-is the perfect summer to fall pinkish neutral because how many layers you put on determines the darkness. I've been putting on two to three layers in the morning, letting it dry for a few seconds in between applications. It might tingle a little, especially if you have dry or chapped lips (it happened to me the first time).

Moisturizing Glossy Gloss is un-like any other gloss i've ever used. It's not sticky or oily. It's just really buttery smooth and lasts through drinking, eating and even kissing. You do need to re-apply it periodically through out the day because it acts as a barrier for the color and makes it look fresh all over again.

Ooops! Remover- apply one layer and use a baby wipe or damp rag to clean off your lip color. Of course, you can sleep in it if you really want to but I like to go to bed fresh faced.

I usually wear my LipSense color for about 12 hours and it truly lasts. The first day I wore it I really didn't think about taking the gloss with me on the go but it wasn't a huge deal; the color stayed all through running errands and lunch but my lips did start to feel dry (I apply chapstick a hundred times a day though so it wasn't a LipSense issue). As soon as I got home I re-applied my gloss and was good to go so my suggestion is to buy an extra gloss just to keep in your purse because with the gloss there's no need for chapstick since it moisturizes, too!

If you would like to know more about LipSense or would like to see the colors, ask questions or shop then hop on over to Lindsey's Facebook page Lindsey Lee's Lasting Lipstick and be sure to follow her on Instagram, too!

And y'all, she's such a doll. She even gave you a code for 15% off when you order through her.
Use code LESLIE.


  1. I have yet to try lipsense but I keep running into posts like this and realizing that I need to!

  2. I've heard of Lipsense, but haven't tried it either. I love that color on you, and it's awesome that it doesn't come off on cups etc. I'm always leaving some on a wine glass, and it just looks awful.

  3. I've been wanting to try Lipsense, but I've been apprehensive because I can't find the ingredients anywhere. Maybe I'll look into even more cause I have super sensitive skin too!

    The Felicia Renee | a minimalist lifestyle & beauty blog

  4. I just tried Lipsense and I kind of have a love hate relationship with it right now, haha! My lips are so dry and so thin that I think it's making it difficult for me at first. I don't mind having to reapply it a few times throughout the day because it still lasts SO MUCH LONGER than any other lipstick I've tried

  5. Yay. I love the color on you. I just got bombshell to try!

  6. I love Lipsense too!! I believe I have Fly Girl. I just now need to get more colors haha!

  7. I just recently started using Lipsense too. I love Beige Champagne! I love the color you have too. It's a great shade!

  8. That's great you were able to use it, and the color looks fabulous on you! I totally wish I could wear it, but I actually got a chemical burn the first time I used Lipsense!

  9. I love LipSense too! I have so many colors its insane haha.

  10. I also love LipSense so much! I have so some colors it's insane haha.


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