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Hello Naomi. Welcome to my sweet little corner of the blog world. Let's pour a glass of sweet tea, kick off our shoes, get comfy and share some girl chat about your amazing business, Soap On and So Forth.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I'm 28 years old. Originally from and still live in Temple, Georgia. I am an entrepreneur/soap maker by trade and mother to a sweet little kitty named Fluff Fluff.

How did you pick your shop name?
I've always been a fan of puns and found the perfect opportunity to incorporate one into my business name, therefore I did. I just thought it was hilarious and other people enjoyed it, so I guess it just stuck.

What inspired you to open your shop?
Working in retail is something i've been doing since I was 15 years old. I always knew I wanted to have some kind of store of my own someday but never dreamed it would be filled with products that I had created myself. When I found my niche and received such a positive response from my peers and customers, I just knew that I wasn't going to stop working towards my goal and dream of being a shop owner.

What's your biggest inspiration for creating new products?
My biggest inspiration thus far has been nature. I see the beauty in God's creations all around me.
I love recreating images like sunsets and rainbows in my products, as well as scents like peaches and kudzu.

How do you fight through creative blocks?
I don't think i've ever experienced a creative block thanks to my wonderful friends and family, who always have ideas and suggestions for new designs. Of course, when all else fails, take a bath!

What makes you most excited about owning your shop?
Being able to freely express myself creatively and see the joy my products bring to other people are probably the best parts about owning my shop.

What's your favorite thing to do in your free time, when you aren't working?
Lounging on my couch and watching a good movie or being lost in a great book are my favorite pastimes when i'm not working.

What does a day in your life look like?
A day in the life of Naomi is very colorful, aromatic, and hectic; feeling constantly dirty while being sparkly clean and finding glitter in places you didn't know existed until now.

What is your favorite item you currently offer?
My favorite item has been and always will be the bubble bars. I'm a sucker for a bubble bath, so anytime I get a chance I break a piece off of a bubble bar and hop in a hot, relaxing bath.

What is your best selling item?
Rock Star bath bombs have been a number one seller for about a year now. Not only online but at our retail locations, too.
It almost smells like pixi sticks and makes swirls of blues, pinks and purples in the tub with a hint of sparkle.

Can you share any sneak peaks of items coming soon?
Currently I have been working on jelly soaps. If you've never heard of them, they are pretty awesome. It's literally soap in the form of jello. It's super fun and jiggly and has amazing lather with moisturizing properties. They will make their debut at the Grand Opening of our first brick and mortar location on August 4th. (Yay, Yall!!! Naomi already has her first brick and mortar store open!)

Do you have any special promotions currently?
At this moment we do not have any special promotions going on but check back with us frequently because we often run sales and have giveaways!

Where can my readers find you?
You can find us on social media at:

Our products are also available at Cover Me Southern Boutique in Villa Rica, Ga and at our new brick and mortar location at 111 Wedowee St. Bowden, Ga 30108 which is open now!!!!

Thank you, Naomi, for sharing all your inspiring answers with us. Your job sounds like every girl's dream come true and I know from experience that your products are amazing. They're bright, colorful, fun and unique and the packaging is seriously pretty enough to display in my bathroom. Your products make bath time the bomb!


  1. What a cute business! I adore the name. Those bath bombs sound amazing and I’m wishing I had a few right now.

  2. I'm addicted to a good bath bomb and anything involving bubbles. I'll definitely be checking out the shop!!!


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