Week 25: Currently

Hello Peachies! Happy Monday. Fresh week fresh start, right? I hope you're all feeling as refreshed and relaxed and ready to take on the week as I am. Of course that is requiring some coffee and planning this morning.

It's time for the 52 Week Challenge with Sarah from Sarah Emily Blogs and Ashley from Girl Talk.

Let's talk about my Currently

Sitting on my couch in my favorite sweat pants, coffee in hand.
Looking through cookbooks and Pinterest for recipes and dinner inspiration for this week.
Making lists of what I need at each store.

And, oh! Look at this pretty pin I saved. Because i'm distracted easily like that.
Now i'm sitting here with three lists made + my meal plan for the week and a window open on backdrop ideas for blog photos + my blog window.

Drink more coffee! Do more stuff!

Now i'm off to change the laundry over and get ready to run errands.
Target anyone?

Happy Monday Lovelies!

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  1. I have failed so miserably at meal planning lately! I need to get it together.

    1. I did last month. I winged it through everything. I didn't plan for the blog, I didn't plan meals and I got through but definitely not as graceful and grace filled as I do when I plan things out.


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