Oh, Hey Friday!

Hi Peachies! Happy Fri-YAY! Let us pour a glass of wine and celebrate. Actually, i'm baking cookies. What kind of wine goes with cookies?
Since it's Friday, it's time for Oh, Hey Friday with Karli Bell from September Farms Oh Hey, Friday!.

Oh, Hey Friday.

1. {Jewelry}
I love making it and selling it but last summer it took a backseat to the wedding. This week I finally had the inspiration to start it back up. I came up with a name, and a focus, and learned how to make tassels. Here's the start of what I've been dreaming up.

2. {My Best Performance}
I totally lip synched my favorite song for y'all this week on SnapChat and Instagram.
Notice my apology in the caption. I'm sorry. Not Sorry.

Now y'all, I'm no singer or even lip syncer but this is my jam lately. #lesliessparkofhappiness #jammin'

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3. {Sick Babies}
The beginning of the week started with my sweet Willow pup injured. She cut her leg and tummy going under a fence that she shouldn't have.
The week has ended with my son being sick in bed with strep throat. Hello Summer! I'm getting cabin fever!

4. {Bangle Bear}
I'm obsessed with this bracelet from The Bangle Bear on Etsy. It's the best buy i've made in a while!

5. And in case you missed it, my blog posts from the week.
What Blogging Has Taught Me.
On Wednesdays We Confess.

Happy Weekending Loves!

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