June Goals

Hi Peachies and Hello June! Can you believe that we're almost half way through the year? I knew that life was going to go fast once I got married last September but I had no idea how fast. I love the beginning of each month. It's like getting a fresh start 12 times a year. It gives me new motivation to tackle all those goals i've been setting or meaning to set. Speaking of goals, let's check out how I did in May and set new ones for June.

May's Goals

+ Get 10,000 steps at least 3xs a week.

+ Do yoga 5 days a week.

+ Win the 28 day challenge.

+ Cut out sugary junk foods.
Win. Mostly anyway. I have cut way back.

+ Donate clothes to thrift shop.
Fail. They're bagged up ready to go though.

+ Do a good deed for someone.
Win. I took my grandma to the doctor.

+ Spend time with at least one girlfriend.
Win. I got to get my nails done with one and go to lunch with another.

+ Spend more evenings un-plugged.
Win. My husband has taught our son and I how to play Munchkin and we've played it every night for the last two weeks.

+ Spend at least one hour a day outdoors.
Win. This is a no brainer. If the weather is nice I can't help but be outdoors.

+ Practice grace.

Peachy Keen Blog Goals
+ Create a sidebar button

+ Do Helene's webinar Monetize Your Blog

+ Use buffer to schedule Social Media/Blog posts

+ Use the new signature I made

+ Put together a blogger's gift swap

Social Media Goals
+ Look into creating my own Instagram giveaway

+ Host a Follow Friday loop on Instagram

June's Goals

+Finish reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler
+Spend at least one day with a girlfriend
+Get active at least 3 days a week
+Find my hubby an awesome Father's Day gift
+Cut back on sugary goodness
+Start making and selling jewelry again
+Get my massage
+Create a sidebar button
+Spend at least an hour a day outdoors
+Do something nice for someone, just because
+Donate clothes to thrift shop
+Focus on needs over wants

So friends, share with me your goals for the month.
Let's be accountability partners!

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  1. Awesome goals girl! I need to cut back my sugar snacks, get outside more, be active, and read 3 books I have been trying to for months now! :P

  2. Thanks Girl! Those are all hard things but we can do them. I've been reading the same book since my honeymoon in September! :P We love being outside during the summer so that's not too hard but cutting back on sugary goodness and getting active seems to be.

  3. All great goals girl for this month! And congrats on accomplishing most of your goals last month. I just got a Fitbit so I am hoping to get more steps in. I really need to be more active than what I have been. I've been slacking a little. That's awesome that you did a good deed last month! I have two bags full of clothes to donate and I have yet to bring them. So we are in the same boat! I'd love to put together a blogger swap with you! I have one in mind that I really want to do. If you're interested in doing one with me let me know. :) I really wanted to host a birthday giveaway but I failed at that. Good luck with your goals this month! I can't wait to see what you accomplish!

  4. You have some awesome goals from May! You did pretty good even if you missed some. Cheers to June and new goals and I hope you get that massage!!

  5. Great goals for June and good luck on the massage-they are amazing!!

  6. Great goals! It's so important to make time for yourself and your girlfriends. Gotta take care of your body and your social life!

  7. I'm actually in the process of determining my own set of goals for June right now. :)
    I'm in dire need of a closet clean-out so I'll be donating some clothes too. Let me know what you think of Yes Please. I've had my eye on it for quite some time now. :)

    Christie's Take on Life. xx

  8. You did SO much in May--great job! I love reading people's goals..motivates me so much!

  9. I hope I can cut out Sugary foods too :( Great list for your goals. Good luck and more achievements to come.


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