Happiness is...{6.26.16}

Happy Sunday Lovelies. It's a rarity that I blog on Sundays but today I had a few extra minutes and thought I'd stop by and share what's been making me happy lately. It's been a while since I linked up with these lovely ladies but my hubby is at work and I'm waiting for my children, both fur and human, to wake up so while it's quiet I thought I'd throw in a special bonus post today.

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Happiness is...

+ Quiet time in the mornings, drinking coffee, snuggled in my favorite blanket, blogging.

+ A little snail mail with the reminder that I Matter. Of course I know I do, it's just nice to hear it from someone else sometimes.

+ Family who drives from Illinois so spend a week with you. This is family that we are incredibly close to but we only see each other once a year so our time together is even more precious. We spend a week eating, swimming, laughing, and making memories. We cherish this week of the year most of all.

+ A mini beauty haul. I'm obsessed with all the tiny travel products but when Target started carrying things like mini bottles of Batiste Dry Shampoo and those adorable bottles of lotion my obsession blossomed.

+ Being content with where I am right now because I know that big things are on the horizon for me and my family. And knowing that everything works out the way it does for a reason.

+ Knowing that this girl's love and affection is forever. She's the sweetest thing ever. I'm beyond grateful every single day that my hubby said we could give her a fur-ever home. She's simply the best.

Happy Sunday Loves! Share with me something that is making you happy right now.

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  1. Hey Leslie,
    Happy Monday!
    That picture of you and your girl is just precious. You should print and frame that one. :)
    It sounds like you're in such a great place spiritually, physically admins emotionally, Hun.

    Have a fantastic week Momma! Xo

    P.S. I noticed your rules in the link up are a bit outdated; I've shortened them up so its not so much rambling.

    1. Thank You! I am in the best place I've ever been in physically and emotionally and i'm so glad that it shows.

      I'll check out the shortened rules.

      I hope you have an amazing week, too!

  2. Lots to be happy about. Love the picture of you and sweet Willow!


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