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Hi Peachies! I'm here today with a post unlike anything i've ever done before so I'm super excited!!!

As you all know, I just got back from my honeymoon so this post is right up my alley.
Fairmont Hotels in San Fransisco is looking for inspiration on travel essentials and three hospitality items I think would be great in any hotel room. They found my blog & approached me to do this post. What an amazing honor! I can't tell you how excited I was when I got this e-mail. This one seemed like a breeze after just returning home from a trip.

I'm a girl who likes to travel with everything from books to my curling iron. As I was packing for my honeymoon there were several things I had to leave behind because we were flying and security and space was an issue. So first, let's talk about my traveling essentials.

♡ A blanket because honestly, the thought of using the ones the airlines supplies me with makes my skin crawl.
I know they give each person a new one but no thanks.

♡ A book to read.

♡ My own earbuds.

♡ Several outfits and pairs of shoes.
Flip flops and tennis shoes are a must.

♡ Curling Iron.

♡ Make up & hair accessories.

♡ The essential toiletries.

♡ Hand sanitizer.

I think i'm pretty basic in my essentials. Of course, before we left for Hawaii on our honeymoon I was having to toss things to the wayside, calling them my sacrifices because my hubby was worried about the weight of the suitcase. Those things I tossed aside were mostly clothing items
that I ended up not even missing but I wasn't letting go of my curling iron. I would've fought for the death on that one because pretty hair is a necessary thing, even if my hubby thinks I look beautiful as I am (& he does). Aww, I know, right?!? He's a keeper. But we called it a compromise because I didn't take my hairdryer!

So I think it's pretty obvious what my first hospitality item would be.
Want to take a guess?

♡ Yes! A Curling Iron.
All my traveling dilemmas would be solved. Okay, not all of them but one, at least!

*After some thought on this one, I realized that this doesn't benefit men at all
so I'd like to add curling for women/shaving essentials for men.
Shaving cream and a quality razor with a couple replacement blades would be awesome
then everyone wins!*

My other two hospitality items would be...

♡ Essential Oils.
I'm in love with my EO's and would love to have some supplied for me.
Even basic ones like Peppermint & Eucalyptus would be awesome!

♡ A little something representative of the place you are visiting.
In Kauai, Hawaii they're known for their coffee so maybe a coffee mug.
If you were in Arizona, maybe your own little cactus to take home.
In Georgia, maybe a Bulldogs ornament.
A little keepsake like that. Something that pertains to that state or area you are visiting.
Or a general idea would be a coupon code for a free photo book from a website.

How fun would it be to have a fun little keepsake to look at and share for years to come?

So tell me. What are your travel essentials? What hospitality items would you like to see on your next hotel visit?

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  1. These are all great travel essentials and a lot of what I bring traveling with me as well.

    xoxo, Jenny || Breakfast at Lillys


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