It's A Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes. Pt. 2

Hi Peachies! I hope you're all doing amazing on this Tuesday morning.

I left y'all with this cliff hanger of a post over a week ago now It's a Love Story, Baby Just Say Yes and i'm sure you're tired of waiting to hear more of our wedding love story so, without further ado, here's part two!

*Side note* In Part 1 I totally forgot to tell you about the nice English man named Andy we met. When we were getting out of the Jeep at my parent's beach home there was a man (Englishman named Andy) walking his dog down the road. His dog was pulling hard on the leash to come see us but the man was being nice and not letting the dog over to us. Me, being the animal lover I am, asked if she'd bite. He said no so I said that she could come see us and he walked over with her and struck up a conversation. We were telling him how we would be getting married on the beach there on Saturday. After a while he started walking down the road while we went back to un-loading our Jeep. A couple minutes later he came back and said "I hope this isn't weird but God lead me back to you to pray. I don't know if you believe in him & i'm not trying to make you but may I pray with you?" We were blown away and honored that this man took a chance to speak his heart to a couple of strangers because in this day and age you never know how people will react so we obliged his request and held hands while he prayed for us. He prayed that we would always stay in love and honor each other. It was incredibly touching & felt like something out of Love Actually or Notting Hill (This will play a part in the story later on).

So Friday after we all went our separate ways to get ready for the rehearsal dinner my honey & I went back to our cottage and got ready in a frenzy because we were running behind and still had presents to wrap for all of our wedding party. Luckily my hubby is the best at taking over and doing whatever I need when i'm getting panicked & I was so he got ready really quick then wrapped presents while I got ready. He's a dream, that man of mine. On our way to Margaritaville, where we were having our reception, my in laws called. They were already there and had talked to the host and he told them that he would only hold our party area for 15 minutes. My honey let me out at the front, I kicked off my shoes, and ran to find the host and talk to him. I flew past my in-laws like lightning and they all laughed. They'd never seen this side of me! I'm usually very laid back, quiet, go with the flow but they got to see the hurricane side of me. When I made it to the host he said that my whole party had to be there for them to seat us and he could only hold the party area for 15 minutes. I'm sure this young guy was scared of me as I looked like a hot mess and was pretty much telling him he WOULD be seating us. He looked at me wild eyed (because i'm sure I looked a little crazy) and said, just come back when you're whole party is here. I'm fairly certain I rolled my eyes at him as I spun to walk away. I walked back out the door and my in laws were sitting there, still chuckling, and my fiancee had joined them. One of them said that my Mom and Dad were in the gift shop so I ran in there to get tabs on everyone and round them up. I found my mom, and frantically told her what was going on so she rounded up the family that was there and joined my in laws outside. One of our couple friends were running late & time was running short so my mom suggested that I just say everyone was there so we could be seated. Great idea Mom! We did that and within a few minutes our friends joined us.

Our families and friends are the silliest but most fun and loving bunch of people you'll ever meet. It was amazing to be surrounded by all of them on this special night. We laughed, a lot and made the best memories.

And the pics are off but the lighting inside Margaritaville was dark.

There's my tree hugging Uncle Tom

Our son & I

Me, my sis in law, & my brother

Me & my honey

And all of our parents

It was such a fun night. Unfortunately we didn't get pictures of the whole party. :(

After dinner it was time for me to go back to our cottage with my honey and get what I needed to spend the night at the beach house with my family since, as we all know, it's tradition for the bride & groom not to spend the night before the wedding together. When we arrived at the beach house for my honey to drop me off for the night we were unloading the Jeep when a couple approached us from across the street. They were almost running at us which was enough to send my senses into high alert, never mind the fact that they came from out of the dark. (It was a man holding a little dog & his wife.) She said "Hi, i'm Barbra (I think), who are y'all? We said Leslie and Alex, we're getting married tomorrow. She said "oh, well we just got the cops called on us here and we want to apologize." Something just didn't sit right with me, I know that if my family calls the sops on someone it's for good reason. She continued on with "it was just a joke and that man invited us in" Okay, well now let me explain something to you. My family is super friendly but they don't just invite people into our home (rented or not) who come knocking on the door. At this point i'm starting to shake because obviously something is up. Luckily my fiance is right beside me and he usually carries a weapon of sorts, I'm not worried that they're about to do something to me, I just know something isn't right. The man keeps saying, "come on Barbra, we don't want trouble" but he was doing very little to make her move along. All I can say is "well, if they called the police on you then there's a good reason. You should go." She continues with "it was all going fine until that little blonde headed woman started in." The she proceeds to tell me that she rang the bell with a box in her hand and when the man (my dad) answered the door she (Barbra) asked if this is where the wedding for Leslie was. My Dad, thinking she was a friend of my fiancee's said yes and invited her in since she seemed to know what she was talking about. Then she said it was just a joke and could I please apologize to my parents? She also said, she asked for Linda since there's always one in every party. I had no idea what that meant. It just happens that my Grandma's name is Linda. (This is useful info in a minute). Then her husband convinced her to walk away so down the road (in the opposite direction that they came from) they went.

Totally baffled I looked at my fiance and said "what the hell just happened?" We walked into the front door of the beach house where my mom, dad, grandma, son, brother, sister in law, and Aunt Devon & Uncle Tom were and said "what in the world was that?" "You had to call the cops on that man and woman?" My Aunt, being the fireball she is, said "did she just talk to y'all?" When we said yes, she and my uncle were out the door faster than a bullet from a gun. While my mom, dad, & grandma explained the story to us.

My Dad said she rung the doorbell and he answered. She had packages in her hand and asked if this is where Leslie's wedding was. My Dad said yes, and she pretty much pushed past him. My family thought maybe she was someone from my fiance's side since they knew everyone on mine. At this point everyone in the house is on alert and my mom's asking her what can she help her with. Barbra said "I'm here for Linda. We were old high school friends." My Mom is suspicious but not overly so. Everyone is thinking that maybe my Grandma had told one of her friends and that friend was Barbra. Well my grandma just happened to be coming down the stairs at that point so my Mom says "there she is!" The lady kept going with this story even though my grandma said, "I don't know who you are." Barbra said, "sure you do, you don't remember me? We went to school together." My grandma said "No, I think i'm older than you." Barbra replied back "Oh no honey, I'm 61." My Grandma replied back "well i'm 73." At this point my Mom realized that this lady was not who she said she was and no one knew her so my mom grabbed her by the elbow and escorted her outside. Well, she was resisting so the cops were called.

When she was talking to my fiance and I, she said "well, I knew the way in was to have a box" because she had seen boxes full of things being un-loaded for the last three days for the wedding. My Aunt & Uncle came back in the house, followed by my other Aunt & Uncle. They were all furious because those people had stopped again to talk to them. Mind you, one set of Aunt & Uncle were in the house when this all went down. The other pulled up in the last part of this adventure. Needless to say, we didn't have any more trouble from them but my aunt and mom were saying that all the decorations on the back porch looked like they had been rifled though and the box that said cards was thrown on the porch, out of place and while we were gone we had to leave Drago (my mom's german shepard) there alone. He's a good dog but when they all got back he had chewed one set of blinds and one of the door frames was chewed or clawed up and all 5 windows that he could see out of were slimed as far us as he could reach down to the bottom. He usually gets nose prints on windows but this looked like Kujo had been there.

So that couple had seen nice vehicles filled with boxes full of stuff coming in all week & friendly people, too. So the first time everyone was away from the house they were trying to steal stuff. They didn't take anything. They didn't find anything with value outside and we truly believe that Drago protected that house. He may be only 11 months old & my mom's big baby but apparently he means business when he has to. It was the most bizarre night ever and I truly worried that those people would try to start something at the wedding but others were convinced they would stay away & my aunt and uncle promised me they'd make sure they did.

Not everyone has a wedding crasher story and luckily ours didn't go as bad as it could have. Those people didn't cause anymore trouble, thankfully. In fact, when my fiance and his best man pulled up to the house for the wedding the next day those people were on their balcony across the street and they quickly disappeared. You don't mess with this tribe.

Oh, and remember the Englishman Andy, I told you about before? He came back Friday when I wasn't there and asked my Aunt Melody to give me a card. She handed it to me and said "it's from some guy named Andy". My fiance and I knew exactly who it was from.

It said:

Dear Alex & Leslie
Just a note to wish you all the best in your new life together! It wasn't

So that was our night before the wedding/wedding crasher story.

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