Hi Y'all! Welcome back. Since today is Tuesday I decided that i'd finally do my weekend re-cap. Better late than never, they say. Last week our family form Illinois was here so I was MIA all week. Then the weekend was spent grocery shopping and celebrating all the wonderful Dads in our lives.
Monday was my day to relax and get my thoughts back in order. I was wiped out. I slept in until 9:30 and didn't get out of bed until 10 when I stumbled downstairs and turned on the keurig, made a cup of coffee then proceeded to sit on the couch in my pajamas and watch The Holiday until 1. Then I decided I better get my sloppy act together before my fiance got home and figured out I'd been a bum all. day. long. Not that he cares, in fact when I told him he said "good, you needed to rest." I got my act together and went to my parent's house to see them and my Grandma. She just had back surgery last Monday and is at their house recovering. She's doing amazing, in fact, i'm blown away by her. I ended up sitting on their couch, talking to my Mom and Grandma and loving on the sweet doggies for most of the day. I did do the dishes for my mom and help mom change the sheets on grandma's bed then I came home and cooked dinner for my loves. After dinner my honey & I watched Chappie and I don't know if I was being extra emotional or what but a movie about a robot made me cry. It was sad the way he was treated by this group of thugs. Chappie became human like and had feelings, too. I won't give away anything because I can't stand when people do that to me but if you've seen it tell me if it was really that sad or was I being extra emotional.

On to the weekend.

Friday morning the family from Illinois left early so we didn't get to see them again :( We said our good-byes Thursday night. This time they weren't as sad as usual because we'll be seeing my Aunt & Uncle in September at our wedding. We won't see the kiddos though so that was sad. Friday my buddy and I spent most of the day at home. I had to catch up on cleaning and laundry & our buddy did a little summer job for our neighbor. He helped him take the seat out of the truck and re-cover it. Around 4 we got cleaned up and went to Target, Five Below, Hobby Lobby, & the post office (to mail off the wedding invites). My honey had to work late so while I was waiting on him I was watching Whose Line Is It Anyway? and started making jewelry, which turned into a bust.

My poor honey was exhausted when he got home so he snoozed in his chair while I cruised the internet and wrapped up my 31 party. I'm so excited about all the wonderful items I'm getting from my 31 party. I got over $200 worth of things for $72. One bag i'm getting, alone, is an $80 bag. Woo Hoo! I'll be styling on my up-coming beach trip for the wedding/honeymoon.

Saturday my honey had to work again but it was okay. I spent the morning making jewelry.

I had plans to meet my sister in law, brother, and best friend at the mall at 2:30 so us girls could shop for bridesmaids dresses. My brother and Sister in law called me earlier and we made plans to meet up and eat lunch first, so we did. It was nice to spend time with just my brother and sister in law. We never do that but I think it's something we should start doing more. After a couple hours of shopping and talking we found THE dresses at Macy's & I love them. They look pretty on both of my girls, we've just got to get my Aunt up there to get hers now. I wanted to take some selfies, I was kidding around but everyone jumped in. Except my brother, we had to coax him.

My son left from there to go home with his Aunt & Uncle to spend the night and my honey called as I was getting in the car to tell me he was already home. I went to meet him at the house then we jumped in the car and went to see him parents. We ended up spending 3 hours watching Family Feud with them, it was so much fun. We decided around 8 that we needed to go do our grocery shopping and eat dinner. We wound up at our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner and drinks then ran to do our grocery shopping. We found out grocery shopping at 9 at night is the prime time to go. It wasn't scorching hot loading and un-loading the car and the store wasn't packed at all.

Sunday was Father's Day of course, so my honey slept in then when he got up I made him coffee and we spent the morning watching Golden Girls. We got showers and went to see my honey's Dad first. We spent a couple hours with his Mom & Dad and had so much fun. Then it was on to my parent's house for cooking out and swimming. My Dad and honey made the best porkchops with Jack Daniel's sauce and my Mom made everything else. It was amazing, as always. After dinner My Mom, Dad, our son, my honey and I swam and played monkey in the middle in the pool. We even made 2 out of 3 dogs get in and swim with us. We never make Minnie Mouse, she'd be scarred for life but Bella and Drago like to swim.

I'd say Father's Day and our weekend was a huge success and tons of fun! I hope you all had an amazing weekend, too.

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