Spread Some Cheer.

You know those days when you feel ragged and awful? The days when maybe you've not been the best person you can be and you aren't feeling very happy with yourself? We've all been there. For me that day was yesterday. It was the first day in over a week I've had at home so I woke up @ 9 and let my buddy sleep until noon. I cleaned & blogged while he slept but by the time he woke up I was hungry so I suggested we go get something to eat and we both agreed that Taco Bell sounded good, so off we went. He in his pajamas and me in under armour shorts and a tank. My hair was washed and dried but that was it, I wasn't sporting any make-up either because we didn't intend on getting out of the car. Once we got to the drive through there was a big confusion about what we wanted to eat because they no longer offer what Dylan gets so after a few minutes of back and forth I gave up and told the lady taking our order never mind. She was so understanding and kind. I admit that this was the point when I went from okay to slightly crazy. I was hungry and since my kid didn't change clothes I felt like we couldn't go inside. Truth be told we could have but I was being a little vain and worrying about what others would think of me, of us, if we went inside like that.
I may have been a little hangry but I was frustrated that my child didn't change clothes and he didn't know what he wanted. When I asked if he wanted anything else he said he didn't know and it was up to me. As I drove home in a fury of frustration I started to come to my senses and realize it was really okay. I stopped by the house and made Dylan change clothes then off to the mall to eat at the food court so we could each choose whatever we wanted, since obviously it was different things. I felt so guilty for loosing my cool over something to trivial the whole time though.
When we got to the mall Dylan asked if he could go to Game Stop to look, I said sure and while we were there I wanted to go to Ulta. It ended up being a blessing in disguise because the cashier at Ulta turned my whole day around. I'm standing there in my Under Armour shorts, tank top, flip flops, no make-up on, and my hair not fixed but all she noticed is that I was happy and bubbly. She said "you're so happy and bubbly." She even turned to Dylan and asked "is she always this happy and bubbly?" He responded by shrugging his shoulders and smiling, which could've been worse considering the way the trip started out.
We finished our day by getting lunch and going to Game Stop where my son wanted a Steam gift card (it's used for on line gaming) but he didn't have his wallet with him. Of course I gave him the $ for the gift card because he is the most awesome kid in the world and he rarely asks for anything + he puts up with my crazy hormonal mood swings (sometimes known as hangry). I left the mall in a much better mood than I entered in and I owe it all to the friendly, bubbly Ulta cashier. If I could I would kiss that woman on the cheek but since that's kinda weird I won't. She'll never know just how much she changed me yesterday but I can take that experience and share it in hopes that someone out there remembers this and goes above and beyond to be friendly to the woman or man who seems extra grumpy. Maybe they're going through something and need an extra smile or a little bit of cheer in their day.

We can all do that. We can all smile a little more and be a little more cheerful. We can do something nice for someone else because, somedays, we need someone to do that for us. s

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