History Was Made

Today history was made. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states! That's pretty epic. I've always supported all of my friends because love is love and everyone deserves to be happy. As I embark on the next chapter of my life with the love of my life I find it freeing & refreshing that everyone else can do the same. My own family & friends won't have to go out of state to get married now. That's amazing! In a time when our world seems torn apart by racism it's nice to see us come together for = rights. Of course there will be haters. Haters gonna hate but that's life. Forget hate! Celebrate who you are, celebrate happiness & love.

^That was what I wrote on my Instagram this morning minutes after hearing the breaking news announcement interrupt The Doctors. I wasn't really paying attention to the show. Kelly & Michael had just gone off the air and I was sitting on the couch, drinking my coffee, planning my dream home on the web site I just discovered called Bo & Dot (addicting if you've never visited). Needless to say I was in a fog, waiting on my morning coffee to kick in. When the breaking news story started I almost flipped the channel, figuring it was another Obama speech & I'd catch up on it later but before I had time to grab the remote David Muir stated that same sex marriage had been legalized in all 50 states! My first thought was instant happiness for some of my friends and family members. I waited patiently on Facebook for one of them to break the news but it felt like it took forever! Finally, when one of them did my reaction to him was "you're who I thought of first" because it was true! What a glorious day, of course there will be people who are going to rain on this parade like the negative haters they are. Of course, some of these people are my own family & friends. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion & they'll state it no matter what but today all i'm going to say to those people is this, if you're busy judging people you have no room to love them. If you're judging them then you're just as big of a sinner as they are. And mostly, if you're picking and choosing whom to be friends with and whom to love based on whom they love then man, you're missing out on some amazing people and opportunities.

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