Goodbye SDES.

Time sure did fly by. It seems like yesterday I was sending my sweet, tiny boy off to school for the first time. I remember that we had missed kindergarten orientation because we were in Disney World so I was super nervous as I walked him into the school to meet his teacher and show him his classroom. He had never been away from me all day before and it was a pretty big deal to both of us. I didn't let him see me cry, in fact, I held back my tears until I was out of the building. I knew it would be a hard adjustment for both of us. There were many tears from him during the first couple weeks of school. His teacher said he'd be silently crying while doing work but both of his teachers were wonderful and helped him through that. They didn't just distract him, they would talk to him and listen when he was upset. He came home almost daily saying he cried because he missed me and he handed me a picture he had drawn while he was sad. One day it happened though, he came home and said he missed me but he hadn't cried. It was then that I knew he was in the best hands possible for those 6 and a 1/2 hours he was away from me. His teachers took this shy, scared, quiet little boy and transformed him into a social, confident, outgoing boy at school.

The last 5 years at SDES were no different. Each year he had wonderful teachers who brought out the best in him and with each one he became a little more outgoing and confident. I'll never forget sitting on the playground with his First and Second grade teachers, they were talking about how hilarious he was (he's always been our little comedian) and one said to the other "He's my gift to you". I smiled and told them he was my gift to them both. Since then he's not stopped making people smile and being kind to others. There was one year, second or third grade, when he would ask to stay in at recess to help his friend with his work. And he was always so kind to the little boy in the wheelchair. That's my Dylan, he treats everyone the same and has always been friends with anyone. Every year though, there's always one kid who is the trouble maker. Every year Dylan comes home the first week of school and would tell me "so and so is always in trouble, he/she's bad but I'll still be nice to them" and he has. This year there was a kid whom he had some trouble with, nothing major, just the kid was annoying and wouldn't let Dylan focus so Dylan asked to be moved away from this boy several times. I'm proud of him for being so confident and in control of his own life that he feels comfortable enough to talk to the teacher and find a solution to the problem. I hope he continues this for the rest of his life.

I love this boy more than life itself and I'm proud of him, not just for the excellent grades he made but for the choices he's made. He's incredibly smart, kind, friendly and talented. I'd like to think it's all because of me but it's not. It's because of his time at SDES, too and the teachers, parents, staff, principals and friends along the way. I'm sad that he's growing up but more so because it means his time at SDES is over. I never imagined the kind of love and support a school can have but this one out shines them all. I wish he could stay here for the rest of his school days but it's because of these people I know he's ready for the next chapter of his life. As we walked down those halls for the very last time I cried. I cried a lot. I'll miss every person at that school. It's the kind of school where the principals, staff and teachers who've never had your kids take time to get to know them, not just because they get in trouble. A lot.

nThis year Dylan got several awards. I'm very proud. Here they are. {citizenship, 4-H, B.L.A.S.T., flag patrol, platinum award for exceeding all subjects on CRCT, president's Education Award and two pins.} I'm one super proud mom.

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