Currently I am....

❥Making: sure the laundry gets done. It never really ends though.

❥Cooking: nothing. I really need to find a recipe for dinner. Pinterest to the rescue!

❥Drinking: Sweet tea because that's how we do it in the south, y'all.

❥Reading: Fizz and Frosting's Blog. I just found her blog, she's pretty much awesome.

❥Wanting: to stick my toes in the water and @$$ in the sand. Yeah, you guessed it! The beach. Can we go now please?

❥Looking: at Pinterest and Fizz and Frosting's blog. 3 tabs open. My computer tabs are pretty much like my mind. So much open and going on at once. No wonder I can't concentrate. Can't say I'm ever bored.

❥Playing: nothing right now but that reminds me I need to play Tetris Blitz and beat my bestie. Watch out, I'm coming for you. (Just kidding, you always win).

❥Wasting: time. Lots of time. It's Friday. Who cares?

❥Watching: Saved By The Bell.

❥Wishing: life wasn't so complicated and that everyone got along. We don't have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya but just to be together and enjoying it. Laughing, loving and making memories.

❥Enjoying: peace and quiet. It gives me time to think, to clear my head, to focus on what makes me happy. As Audrey Hepburn said, or maybe it was Marilyn Monroe, it doesn't matter, I love them both. Anyway what one of them said was "I restore myself when I'm alone."

✯That's settled, it was Marilyn.

❥Waiting: for the weekend to start. I love being home with my guys and sleeping in. Yeah, sleeping in! It's my fave!! and then coffee.

❥Liking: my pretty, cozy house. It's more than a house really because we've made it a home. Our home.

❥Wondering: If a bird could possibly be stuck in the chimney? How would I check that anyway?

❥Loving: The warm Georgia sunshine!!

❥Hoping: for that beach trip soon! I'm not joking about this, y'all.

❥Marveling: At the beauty of spring. I love the warm sunshine, the rain storms, the bright sun that I can sit out in and feel so refreshed. It's perfection after being cooped up so much this winter.

❥Needing: to get my tail feathers in gear and register for college in the fall and plan a wedding. Nope, not much going on around here. Just kidding!!

❥Smelling: my new Sugar Blossoms candle from Target.

❥Wearing: pink cotton shorts, pink tank, white and tan striped shirt...pretty comfy but I still feel cute.

❥Following: my heart. It doesn't lie.

❥Noticing: the beauty in every day things. Beauty is everywhere if only you believe. I believe.

❥Knowing: that I'm finally where I always wanted to be. Let's get married and get my degree and life will be the best it's ever been.

❥Thinking: How lucky/blessed I am to have all the people and things that I do in my life. It's more than I deserve but God thinks I deserve it so I must.

❥Feeling: content with life.

❥Bookmarking: blogs that I'm obsessed with.

❥Opening: my life up to more happiness than I ever thought possible. New family, new friends, new possibilities.

❥Giggling: at Saved by the Bell. It never gets old.

❥Feeling: Joyful and Content. No one can steal my happiness and even if they do, the moment I'm at our home in my honey's arms I'm happy again. Some people will never be happy with themselves or life, those people are toxic to us yet sometimes we can't let them go. People like that I try not to let them affect me but sometimes, honestly they do. Maybe it's because everything I do I do with passion. I feel my emotions so passionately or maybe it's that I care too much but honestly I can't change people. I can only be a little bit of sunshine in their life and not let them be the storm in mine.

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