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Hi Friends! Can you believe Christmas is only two weeks away? If you are anything like me then you're rushing to get everything done last minute. If you've got cute little girls to dress for all the holiday parties coming up then you're going to love today's shop small feature because it's my personal friend from high school, Karen and her friend, Brittney. They both have adorable little girls who love to get dolled up in these twirly dresses. So grab a cup of coffee and get ready to dance and twirl your way into the most beautiful, twirly, girly dresses for your mini me's.

Ladies, let's welcome Karen.

Hello Karen. Welcome to my blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Karen Shiflett and I run Design Tribe Boutique with one of my most favorite people in the world, Brittney Brooks. I have a 3 year old little girl who is an adorable mess! Britt has a 9 year old that is a beautiful and hilarious little girl. They both LOVE to dance and twirl around! Hence the Dot Dot Smile dresses. The twirl factor on these dresses is out of this world!

Can you tell us about Design Tribe Boutique?
Design Tribe Boutique is run by my Best Friend Britt and myself. We fell in love with Dot Dot Smile dresses and decided we wanted to share them with the world! We also offer bows, mouse ear headbands (perfect for a Disney trip!), kick shorts to wear under dresses, and we have leggings coming soon! We also have a birthday club starting for 2018. That is going to be fun! It’s a box sent out to the child in their birthday month with several things in it, including a dress for her birthday! Oh and for the holidays we are offering free gift wrap! That way all you have to do is open the package and put it under the tree! Us Moms know these tiny time savers are a big deal!

What inspired you to become a part of the Dot Dot Smile community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
The dresses are incredible! They are durable, versatile, have such a fun skirt for twirling, and are Made in the USA! The dresses are so durable that your child can grow with them and turn their dress into a tunic with leggings! You get YEARS of wear out of a dress! Who doesn’t love that?! Plus, the owners of the company run it with transparent integrity and that means a lot to us. We always know what is coming up and what they are wanting to plan. They care about everyone that is involved in the company and that is very apparent! They really are wonderful people.

What does the Dot Dot Smile company stand for and what does it mean to you?
DDS stands for family, integrity, community, and kindness. They just think we can do all of those things while wearing pretty dresses! 😍 They hold the dresses to an integrity that we personally feel is better than any other dresses we have purchased for our girls. We have washed numerous stains out of dresses and were pleasantly surprised when they came out of the wash perfectly clean! We love that our dresses are made in the USA and support our country's economy to the fullest. Plus, the smile the girls get on their faces when they put these dresses on is just incredible! It gives them an instant confidence boost and we LOVE seeing that from all of our customers!

What makes you most excited about selling Dot Dot Smile?
We love seeing the happy and satisfied customers! Nothing makes us more happy than getting feedback from a customer and seeing a picture of their sweet girl’s joyous smile because of the dress they are wearing! We love knowing that the product we are selling is great and we can stand by it with confidence! That’s a big deal for us.

If you could only purchase one product from Dot Dot Smile for the rest of your life, which product would it be? Why?
The Empire Dress! It’s so pretty and versatile! It’s an empire waist which gives more skirt to twirl and the flutter sleeves are precious! This type of dress will be in our next shipment!

What is your best selling item?
Our best selling item is our Cap Sleeve dress

What is your favorite thing about the Design Tribe Boutique, as a whole?
We love celebrating little girls and their moms! We love the community feel it brings. Seeing pictures of everyone happy in their dresses is what we live for! 😍

How can all our readers see all the Design Tribe Boutique products?
You can find us on Facebook at and if you join our group (there’s an option on the page) then you can see all of our inventory and stay knowledgeable about what we have coming up.

Are there any special Design Tribe Boutique promotions currently?
Currently we are offering FREE gift wrapping! Join our group though, we love to do last minute giveaways and specials! 😉

Do you host parties? If so can you tell our readers about how those work?
Yes, we do host parties. If you do a party you invite people to the event and we play games to win things (discounts, free shipping, accessories) and promote the dresses. The more dresses that sell, the more credit you get in our shop toward free items! Super easy and fun!

Lastly, how can my readers get in touch with you about ordering or booking a party?
You can reach out to us via Facebook at or you can email us at
We would love to hear from you!

Friends, these dresses melt my heart and make me want a baby girl so bad. If you have a little girl in your life who loves to dance and twirl give them the gift of a Dot Dot Smile outfit this Christmas and watch them light up when they open it and put it on. Don't forget to join Karen and Brittney's Facebook group and take advantage of that amazing free gift wrapping deal.

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