January Currently + Foodie Friday

Hi Peachies! It's finally here, Fri-YAY! We made it. It's almost the end of January, too and I can't let it slip by without doing a currently post. I'm also wanting to bring back my Foodie Friday post. Today it just so happens that I can bring the two together! YAY!! So read on for the yummy Foodie Friday recipe.

Here's what i'm up to currently.

Enjoying...Our clean house.

Wishing For...a gold bar cart and fringe booties.

Loving...the Sunshine Snail Mail Gift Swap I put together with my friends.
It's so fun to see everyone getting happy mail and making new friends.

I'm also loving this picture of our sweet Bella.

Looking Forward To...My birthday. It's only 15 days away.

Smelling...Modern Mint candle. It smells so amazing.

Wearing...Yoga pants, tee shirt from Southern Bells & Bows Boutique, leopard Toms,
bullet stud earrings, wedding set, and my three owls necklace.

Feeling...happy, relaxed, refreshed.

Bookmarking...What happens when you color for a week instead of watching tv,
Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell's new video, Pallet Headboard by Kara from the Knight's Place.
Pallet Headboard Pt. 3

Reading...Amy Poehler's Yes Please & this month's issue of Cosmo.

Watching...Jep & Jessica Growing the Dynasty, Fixer Upper, & Lip Sync Battle.

Listening (to)...Jess Lively's Podcast & my January Jams playlist.

Eating...Last night's left overs from Cracker Barrel.

Cooking...Sausage and winter squash. It's my favorite recipe lately.
{Recipe at the bottom of this post.}

Drinking...Water. All the water.
And loving my new Faith, Hope, & Love water bottle.

Texting...My hubby. It's one of those days for both of us.

Pinning...My blog ladies' posts. There are some really great ones, ya'll!

Instagramming...Happy Birthday post to my son, gift swaps, and all things Target!

Snapchatting...The local boutique I just found, jewelry, Sunshine gift swap, how my Friday started.

Tweeting...Blog posts.

Loving these blog posts...If We Were On A Coffee Date
& Why You Don't Need A No Spend Month

Celebrating...Birthday season! We have 8 in January/February!

Starting...To pick up my blog posting again.

Finishing...the laundry. Always.

Loving This Make-Up...CoverGirl Oh Sugar in cupcake and sprinkles.

Shopping Here...Southern Belles & Bows Boutique.

Loving these purchases...Faith, Hope, Love water bottle. NYX Butter glosses. Coconut Lime Gum.

Using these essential oils...I'm obsessed with Grapefruit oil right now.
I'm diffusing it with eucalyptus currently.

This Is My Jam...Miranda Lambert-Sweet by and By.

And Now for Foodie Friday.

Sausage & Winter Squash
I made this week before last and it was a hit. Tonight it's on the menu again!

I will say this-I sauteed mine and it was amazing that way, too!

What are you up to currently?

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  1. a gold bar cart sounds like the perfect home accessory! I love the picture of your puppy.

    1. Thank You! A gold bar cart has been on my wish list for a while now! And thank you, our puppies are so sweet! We love them so much!

  2. Love keeping up with you your def one of my FAV bloggers top 3 !!! I have not even seen that covergirl lipstick yet ! And a mint candle yum !!! Laci

    1. Aww, Laci! You just made my day! I can't tell you how much that means to me! I love your blog, too and that you're a fellow Georgia Peach! You always have the best tutorials! So you have to make it your mission to find the CoverGirl lipsticks. I bought mine at Target. They're infused with Vitamin A (I think it is) and it is so smooth and they give you enough color without being overpowering. And the mint candle is yum! I got it at a local Farmer's Table here in my town.

  3. I need to work around the house so I too can enjoy a clean one! haha and i'm also tweeting blog posts, what better way to get them seen?

    1. Oh yes, girl! It's the best when your house is clean and you can enjoy some quality me time. I'm the kind who always has to have everything done before I can relax so this is a real treat for me! And yes, tweeting your blog posts is the best way to get them seen! It's about all I use twitter for, honestly!

  4. Bella is beautiful...I also have a golden and I love the coffee date blog too...so fun

  5. I love your version of 'Currently'! So fun! That sausage and squash recipe looks to die for! I am going to try it out this week!

  6. Love these posts which give us all a little glimpse into your life. So fun to see what you're reading, listening to, instagramming, etc.. - Katy


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