Hello New Year.

Hello Peachies. Welcome to a New Year. I love January. It's pretty much life's gift of a fresh start. Everything seems refreshed and energized. It's blank space to fill up in what ever inspiring ways you'd like. I love all things shiny, new and inspiring this time of year but like a lot of people, I don't like to make resolutions.

Resolutions get kicked to the wayside in about two months because they're overwhelming or just loose their appeal after a while. I like to make monthly goals though. I did this on the blog for about 1/2 the year last year then got bored with them (that's why I don't make resolutions!) but i'm bringing them back this year. I feel like monthly goals help me stay on track and tackle tasks little by little instead of everything coming at me like a wrecking ball. It gives me an empowered sense of "I can do this" instead of feeling like I have too much to do so you can find me in my blanket fort, watching Friends, and drinking wine. What? Adulting is hard that's why I have to break down my goals monthly. Sometimes even daily.

January's Goals

1. Simplify.
This seems pretty broad but truth is that I want to simplify my life in any way I possibly can.
I can probably start in my bathroom cleaning out old make up and other junk I don't need and use.

2. Spend Sundays cooking for the week ahead and ironing my husband's work clothes for the week.

3. Read a book a month.
So far i've read one and am currently reading Amy Poehler's "Yes Please" and loving it.

4. Spend more time being social.
Again, not gonna lie. This time of year makes me want to stay snuggled up on my couch in sweats with my favorite blanket and never leave.
If I want to shop I can do it on line, which makes the appeal of staying snuggled up at home even greater.
Currently i'm waiting on books, coffee, and make up to be delivered! On line shopping is the greatest thing since Betty White!

5. Less social media time in the evenings.
My hubby and son deserve my undivided attention.
The exception to this is when the two of them are playing XBox or whatever guys do.

6. Lose 3 lbs.
Let's start easy here y'all.
I lost 15 all together last year and want to lose at least that this year but it's January.
I'm being easy and forgiving to myself.

7. Deep clean one room in the house. (Probably the kitchen).
Spring cleaning has hit me early y'all!

8. Work out 5 days a week.
I feel so much better when I'm doing this.
I feel healthier and my body aches less!

9. Less garbage in.
By this I mean less Kardashians and crap in my life. If it doesn't benefit me in any way then I have no need for it in my life.
This also means less junk food in my body! I love eating better. It helps me feel more energetic and clean.

10. Sending more snail mail.
Just because.

11.Schedule my massage.
My hubby and girl's gave me a gift card at my bachelorette shower in August.
I think it's time to put it to use.

12. Blog twice a week.
I put this insane amount of pressure on myself to blog every. single. day. at the end of last year and I just couldn't do it.
I have to remember why I started this blog and know that's it's okay not to post every day.
My motto for the blog this year is "quality over quantity"

13. Skin Care.
I have all the products. I use them when I think about it but I've got to start using them every day.
My skin really looks and feels so much better when I do.

14. Refresh the jewelry making and selling.
I had this goal of making enough to take around to antique shops and small local boutiques to try to sell by the beginning of this year.
I got busy doing other things though, like GETTING MARRIED and celebrating the holidays!

15. Spend more time in the evenings coloring and reading.
Kinda goes with number 5. Cut out the social media & do something that requires brains. Not that coloring does but it's creative!

16. Inspire.
This is another broad one but I want to spend my life inspiring others.
I want someone to say "you made a difference to me." That's my goal always and forever.

17. Clean out old make up and toiletries.
I realized the need this weekend when I glanced under there.
It's a hot mess, y'all. Good bye old beauty products.
You're no longer welcome here.

18. Find a morning routines that works for me.
I have so much I want to do and never seem to be able to squeeze it all in.
I want to do my yoga routine and my daily devotional before the sun even comes up.
That never happens though. I've gotta figure out how to make it happen.

What are your goals for the new year?

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