Hello December.

Hello beautiful Christmas tree.

Hello brightly colorful lights.

Hello ornaments from my childhood.

Hello hubby's Christmas Snoopy collection.

Hello new beautiful wreath.

Hello winter scented everything.

Hello boots with the fur.

Hello stacks of blankets.

Hello Plaid Flannel.

Hello cups of coffee.

Hello yummy holiday treats.

Hello Cozy Sweaters.

Hello favorite scarf.

Hello Jingles & Dash.

Hello creating new memories.

What are you saying Hello to this December?

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  1. Love this post! Your tree is beautiful. And I think it's so special that you have ornaments from your childhood and your husband has a snoopy collection. Also, I'd be lying if I said I didn't sing "boots with the fur" after that one ^. haha

    1. Thank You! We love traditions, after all, it's what the holidays are about. Our son has his ornament collection, too! And ha, I sing that song religiously. I think it's about time to retire those boots but I love them so. Maybe it's time for new uggs!


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