Christmas 2015

Hi Peachies! Happy last week of 2015! I flew off the radar last week with all of our Christmas preparations and celebrations. This weekend I was still re-cooping. Today I still feel Christmas hung over. I'm beyond exhausted but it was a wonderful Christmas.

Here's how it started....

Decorating our pretty tree.

(My honey and I putting our wedding favor ornament on the tree).

(Family selfie)

All the Christmas things

(Our Elves; Jingles and Dash took temporary retirement this year. They're awaiting a new family member so they can resume their work).

We started the parties off with a Christmas Party with my Dad's side of the family the Sunday before Christmas.

(Let's talk about my face in this one. I've got no clue what was going on. Not one single clue.)

(My hubby, me, our son, my mom, & dad)

We also made gingerbread houses and cookies.

We continued on with Christmas Eve with my in-laws.

(My son and Mother in Law. She loves that kid. She was kissing him.)

Christmas morning was a bit different. Every year of my entire life we've been with my mom and dad at their house on Christmas Eve. This was our first married Christmas though so we had Christmas morning at our house, complete with breakfast.

My Mom, Dad, Grandma and Brother came over Christmas morning and spent the morning with us.

Christmas Day we continued the tradition of going to my mom's Uncle's house.

(My hubby & I-I was already exhausted at this point in the day. And my Dad and Brother.)

After we left there we went to my mom and dad's house and had our third Christmas that day with them.
After all the gifts were unwrapped we played Family Feud. We were all too tired to really get into it but it was fun.

Then we came home and I spent the next couple hours doing laundry because my son left for Illinois for the week with my Mom and Dad the next morning.

We were blessed with another wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter. I hope you were, too.

My favorite gift has to be my stacking rings my hubby bought me.

He really surprised me with this because they were not cheap and each one was sold separately but he knew how much I loved them and bought them all for me! I really thought I wasn't going to get any of them & that would've been okay, too so you can imagine my shock when I opened them.

What was your favorite gift this Christmas?

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  1. Christmas can be exhausting, I know I am. It looks like you had a great Christmas, love all the photos. I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

    1. Thank You for your comment. I'm still exhausted from Christmas, too. I'm looking forward to the New Year. I hope you have a wonderful one, too.

  2. Looks like you had an AMAZING Christmas!!!! And I NEED that "Naughty" mug! Super cute! :D

    1. THanks so much! I did have an amazing Christmas. I've gotten more comments on that mug. I should have bought about 10 and given them out as gifts! I got it at JoAnn's Craft Store!!

  3. Beautiful family photos! All of you look so happy and I like the ring gift! They look beautiful on you :))

    1. Thank You so much! You made my day! I'm pretty proud of my little family. We're happy and silly and that makes for the best get togethers & holiday celebrations. I love my rings, too. Thanks!


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