Christmas Gift Swap

Hi Peachies! This year I participated in a Christmas Gift Swap with the lovely Jasmine from CSandSBlog. I did one of these back with my sweet friend Terri Lynne and knew how much fun they were so when I saw Jasmine post about this one back in November I had to jump in. I'm sure glad I did, too!

It's always amazing to bless someone by sending them a gift in the mail. I truly love that. I got paired up with Ashley from Carolina Lifestyle. She's a Southern girl just like me so I felt a connection and it was so much fun to shop for her. I wanted a cozy and christmasy theme for her. I hope she liked what I got her as much as I love what she got me! My gift from her came at the perfect time.

My husband and I had been at my best friend's mom's funeral earlier that day, when I got home my sweet little package was waiting on the front porch for me.

The Gingerbread cookies will be made today :)

And those straws y'all, they're the cutest little festive straws ever!

And the chalkboard is currently being used as my countdown to Christmas.

This sweet little package happened to be the blessing I needed on that day. So thank you, Ashley! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

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  1. What a great idea! I love these plates.


  2. Looks like your partner was a hit. You love to bake from what I can see in your snaps :)


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