Happy Fall Y'all.

Today is officially the first day of Fall and I love it. The weather is delightful. 74 degrees, sunny, and a nice wind blowing. I've got Pumpkin candles lit and windows open, near perfection. In celebration of this day I'm going to tell you some of my favorite things about Fall.

1. Pumpkin Waffle Candles

2. Okay, everything Pumpkin scented

3. my mom's pumpkin rolls

4. Cooler weather

5. Open windows

6. Perfect hammock weather

7. Bon fires

8. Making S'mores

9. Apple cider

10. Apple crisp or Apple blossoms with vanilla ice cream

11. Cozy sweaters

12. Hoodies

13. The color of changing leaves

14. The smell of fires

15. Boots and leggings and my favorite flannel shirts

16. Lots more snuggling

17. Festivals

18. Chili

19. Casseroles

20. Holidays-Halloween and Thanksgiving

Maybe I'll keep adding to this list. What are your favorite things about Fall?

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  1. I LOVE fall! Every year when this season rolls around it reminds me of why I love it so much! Cool temps and pumpkins are the best! Happy fall!!


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