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Hi Sweet Friends! Today i'm sharing a beautiful lady and her business venture. She's a mom to 7, she's a bloggers, she's a Lipsense distributor. She runs this. Y'all know I love to support small businesses and their owners, add to that make up and i'm head over heels. I love cheering fellow lady bosses on so get cozy with a glass of sweet tea and get to know Carrie through her Q&A.

Hello Carrie. Welcome to my blog sweet blog.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I'm Carrie Willard. I'm a wife, mom of 7 (ages 2-19), homeschooler, blogger and SeneGence/LipSense distributor.

What inspired you to become a part of the Lipsense community and become fabulous sales lady for the company?
It was when I saw my upline, Anna Newell Jones, post about her new car! She had earned it in less than 4 months working the business part time. I am currently without a car due to a series of unfortunate events - we've literally had to donate two of our cars to charity in the last 3 months! That car got my attention.

My mom was a Tupperware lady for years, and we drove a Tupperware wagon when I was a kid. I remember going to parties with her and watching her build a team. I knew the business model worked, I had just never found a product I could get excited about until LipSense.

What does the Lipsense company stand for and what does it mean to you?
LipSense was founded by a woman who had a passion for direct sales. She was a leader in Mary Kay, but wanted to create a product line that contained botanical ingredients and that had a better compensation plan. SeneGence was the result. I love the company culture. SeneGence discourages pushiness and "salesy" tactics. Most of the distributors mirror the founder's chill, no-pressure vibe. There is also an amazing "SeneSisterhood" that exists in the company, the likes of which I've never seen. The support from other distributors, who share marketing advice, training and even graphics - though they don't benefit at all from my efforts - is amazing.

What makes you most excited about selling Lipsense?
The fact that LipSense is so awesome! It is a Wow product. When women see it, they want it! It sells so well that the company has trouble keeping any colors in stock at the moment. The company experienced 2000% percent growth in 2016. Yes, that's 2000% percent.

I have customers who only received their first product one week ago who are already buying their second, third, fourth and FIFTH color from me. Unbelievable.

If you could only use product from Lipsense for the rest of your life, which product would it be? Why?
LipSense! I'm a total lipstick addict and used to have to re-apply lipstick 6-8 times a day. I also had a bad habit of chewing my mouth and my lips were chronically chapped - so badly, that I constantly applied lip balm and had one in my pocket at all times. With LipSense, my lips are healing and I only have to apply my lip color once a day in the morning - and I can kiss my babies and teenage sons and husband and not get lipstick on them!

What is your favorite thing about the Lipsense, as a whole?
How easily it sells. I've been in direct sales before, and selling product was so hard! With LipSense demos, I easily sell $450-$650 of product in an hours.

How can all our readers see all the Lipsense products?
Join my Facebook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/lippychic

Are there any special Lipsense promotions currently?
No, but if you join my Facebook group I offer specials from time to time. Last week I had free shipping.

Do you host parties? If so can you tell our readers about how those work?
Yes. I do in-home and Facebook parties. I prefer the latter. Nobody has to clean their house or even put shoes on! And you can invite friends who live far away. The potential for more sales (and greater hostess benefits) is much better. And Facebook Live is so fun! We get the same intimate feeling without the same pressure to clean house and play hostess.

To book a party, just contact me and let's set a date. I set up the Facebook page for your party and all you do is invite people. For the days leading up to the party, I post info about LipSense, including live videos, to introduce people to the product. You come in at the party time to interact with your friends. And I do fun giveaways. Because the party page is up for several days, people can stop by and browse and order for a longer period (greater hostess freebies for you!), and they aren't limited by a set time and place. So easy!

Lastly, how can my readers get in touch with you about ordering or booking a party?
They can email me directly at help@lippychic.com or message me or leave a comment at my Facebook Page lippychic

Thank you so much Carrie, for sharing your Lipsense business with us. It's an amazing brand and she's one of the sweetest ladies I know so ladies, run over to her Facebook group and check out her products or throw a party with her. It's okay to treat yourself!


  1. So fun! I just tried LipSense for the first time over the holiday weekend and I am loving it! xx, Kristen @ A Classy Fashionista

    1. Cool! That experience is typical. :-) Women love their LipSense!

    2. Hi Kristen. Thank you for stopping by and leaving Carrie some comment love. Lipsense is a woman's dream come true, isn't it?

  2. I've been wanting to try this product! So excited to hear how great it is!

    1. Hi Courtney! Come visit me here to check out the colors I have in stock: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lippychic

    2. Hi Courtney! Thank you for stopping by and leaving Carrie some comment love. You should definitely try some. I'll admit, I haven't yet either but I can't wait!

  3. I have several friends that sell Lipsense and love it. I have yet to purchase any products though I have heard great things!

    1. You totally should. But now you have to choose who to buy from. LOL!!

    2. Hi Sweet Friend! Thank you for always being so supportive of me. And thank you for leaving Carrie some love. I'll admit, I haven't been able to try Lipsense yet but I definitely want to. I'm sure you would love it, too. You're a make up junkie like me!

  4. I have heard so many great things about these products! And I love how you promote small businesses. You have the best heart!!

    1. Hi Sweet Friend! Thank you for stopping by and leaving some comment love for Carrie. You are so sweet! You know I love supporting small shops and businesses. You should definitely give lipsense a try. I know Carrie will take good care of you!


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